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How to record the Flamenco Guitar part 2

Record and Recreate

How to record the Flamenco Guitar part 2

Nylon String Spanish Guitar


How to record the flamenco guitar

A compressor is a signal processing tool we use to alter the dynamic range of the recorded audio signal. This definition may suggest that we modify the dynamic range, so as to make the difference between the loudest and softest notes of our playing, less audible. But used in a more subtle manner, compression is a tool that can enhance the articulate character of the flamenco guitar, while maintaining the dynamic range.

The Flamenco Guitar sounds great when we play with extreme dynamics. I have never liked to eliminate this great variation of expression, but I have always needed to enhance it.

How to we enhance this staccato quality ?
We use a compressor, in a manner, where we alter the attack of each note. We enhance the attack, therefore creating even more punch. A quick compression eliminates that punch, while a relatively slow compression, enhances the attack of the loud notes. I like to use values of around 30 ms, to enhance this incredible attack.

When we use compression, we also need to think of how long we want the compressor to work on each compressed sound. This  parameter is called the release.  A slow release of  around 50 ms will also enhance the attack of the note.

How to record the Flamenco Guitar?

What is ratio setting?
The ratio setting should be the answer to your question of: How much of this new attack and release do I need ?

Threshold settings
The threshold should be the answer your question of:  When do I want the compressor to kick in?

All the tips, that I share,  are focused on enhancing the rhythmic value of the Flamenco guitar.

How to judge  your selected values r?
When we use a compressor, the difference in db or subjective volume, between what goes in and what comes out should be 0. There should be the same overall volume, as a consequence, this is when you can hear and judge all your settings.

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In my next blog I will talk about how to use eq: When and why on nylon string guitars.

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