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Enjoy a live performance of Thomas´s award winning acoustic music, that has conquered the hearts of fans world wide.

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Thomas Lorenzo Wedding Music Flamenco Spanish Guitar Music

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Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne Wedding Guitarist Flamenco Spanish Guitar Music

Dear Thomas

You were a very big part of the reason why our wedding day was such a special occasion for us. Your beautiful Flamenco Spanish guitar music and warm energy made the day especially memorable. 

Thank you for all the effort you put into the day. We appreciate it immensely.

Love Lion and Lili 

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Meet Thomas

During the last 25 years of my career, I have always strived to add unique warmth to all the special events I have performed at.

No matter the occasion to celebrate,  either it be a wedding, a corporate milestone, a birthday, a fashion parade,  an award night, ect,  the guitar always has the power to colour the evening with a magical aura, and as a consequence, this has produced very fond memories of my career.

I recall as one of my first solo events a private performance for Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari Team members, in Barcelona in 1998. It was an intimate evening with about twelve of his crew in a small room in the restaurant Can Cortada. The guitar added sweetness and smiles to the evening, we all had a lovely time. The next day Schumaker came in third in the Spanish GP.

On arrival in Australia in 2012 I  performed at one of the Melbourne Cup Bird Cages. I was surprised to see a very young polite crowd of well dressed and only beautiful people. I was the oldest in the room but blended in fine as the guitar spiced up their evening with Flamenco Spanish Guitar Music. They asked me to dress up as a bullfighter which I had to sadly refuse and dress up in my usual Mediterranean white silk clothes.

Another surprise I had in Melbourne was when I performed at a wedding at the Melbourne Savage Club. Initially, I was not sure what type of club it was,  but by the name and the and its classification as a Gentlemen ’s Club,  I thought it was a strip club, therefore I was a bit nervous about the wedding and the music I had to play.  In the end, it turned out to be a real colonial style Gentlemen’s Club,  a beautiful wedding that has engraved fond memories of delightful conversations and joy.

So no matter where I have performed in Victoria, either under an umbrella to protect myself from our scorching sun,  or with my legs covered by a blanket with a heater underneath to keep out the chill , or even in a football field having to run away from a landing helicopter, all  these events have become fond memories of my career and our local community.

Let's have a chat about your special day.

Enjoy Thomas´s Award Winning Acoustic Music, that has conquered the hearts of fans world wide.

Call +61448348701

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