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My selection of Spanish Music

To get feet moving and hearts pumping

I will bring to your Fiesta

A Touch of Spain
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My selection for you

I am very excited about sharing this selection of unique Spanish repertoire. It really brings out in me happiness,  gets my feet moving and heart pumping.

Volare (Gypsy Kings), Tico Tico (Zequinha de Abreu ), Flor de Luna (Santana), Moon River (Henry Mancini), Hotel California ( Eagles,) up tempo Rumba as Volando Voy.

The Spanish vibe is in all my music. I know you will also enjoy traditional flamenco compositions  and popular Spanish music as: Bulerias, Alegrias, Solea,  Boleros and Vaqueiras from Northern Spain.

Listen to a few of the tracks. There are plenty more to enjoy.  Book Now.


Your own  Spanish Fiesta

I have lived in Spain for 38 years. In summer I would tour villagers, small towns and large cities playing at major festivities. Every village in Spain has a patron day where bands play all night long, traditional and popular hits.

Flamenco Spanish guitar music is for celebrating, for sharing  your special moments. That is why we made it, we love playing it and we all love listening to it.




Book Direct and Save Now for your Special Day

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Flamenco Tradition

In Flamenco Guitar there are over 100 different styles. All of them are tailored to deliver powerful expression and groove. I personally love to perform on flamenco guitar traditional Buleria and Solea. These songs stir up my deepest emotions.

Flamenco Spanish Guitar Music has evolved dramatically over the last decades. I have all my family and friends in Barcelona and that is where I learnt to perform flamenco. Please read some of my posts about the flamenco guitar style: Guajira and Farruca  . 

Every year I travel to Spain for a few months. I adore exploring villagers and enjoying the local food and music. Most of my latest guitar compositions are a reflection of my travels through Spain. Please also take a peak of some of my articles about my travels through Spain. 

I have the need to share my music both live and through training . Please explore my guitar lessons site here in Melbourne.

How to Book

1. Contact me for a quote. Call me here in Melbourne on 0448348701 or email me:  Please supply information on time, date, length of performance required, venue ( private, public, indoor , outdoor), number of guests ( to determine sound amplification  requirements), and distance to Melbourne CBD.

2. Meet up. Let´s talk about the atmosphere you wish to create so I can suggest the ideal repertoire for you and play it on the spot. Let´s talk about the location of the event to organize sound requirements and finally we can discuss the most adequate time frame for the music during the event.

3. Pay 30 % deposit by Direct Debit or Paypal once the general outline of the show has been agreed upon.

4. Reconfirm details.  Somewhere along the road you might need to incorporate some changes to your event. When you are absolutely sure of your logistics we can once again run through the event to re confirm all the details. That way on the day of the show, agreed upon by the deposit,  you can then just sit back and have an incredible night with an amazing artist.

5. Final payment 4 weeks prior to the performance.

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