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Record Label – TL Music – How it all started

Back in 1993,  I was living in Barcelona,  Spain, working as a freelance producer for Warner Brothers and Nuba Records.  Unfortunately these companies wanted artists to sound like what was trendy at the moment, so I was not able to be creative in my productions nor work with incredible emerging artists, that companies regarded as risky or non commercial.

So I founded TL Music, my record label ( back then called Barcelona Music )Record Label Tl Musicand started participating in E.U cross border music cultural projects with European Cultural Agencies as CIRA (France),  Treasure Island ( Ireland),  Court Circuit ( Belgium),  SBP ( Holland)  and MJC (France). 

The record label slowly grew bigger and we started securing grants from the E.U Program Jeunesse Pour L’Europe , S.G.A.E and funds from the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya for production, management, recorded products and E.U tours. 

We recorded and worked with bands as: Green Lizard, Hanoi, The Semitones, Cheese, Bambi, Macaco ( Latin Grammy Nominee), Brother Hood Foundation, Keaton, Coade, and Dr No.

I am very proud to state that we received from the E.U Commission, high compliments on the outcomes of the musical projects we produced. 

Soon we moved into educational book publishing exploring ways of making more money from our catalogue which included working with publishing companies to secure sync rights to moving image.

Take a look at some of our record label catalogue.

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