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Thomas Lorenzo Music Songwriting Production Studio

This is your creative space where your songs blossom further. We decorate them together to deliver a stronger emotional response to the listener with our final songwriting production.

Send me your song that makes you feel like

I will send you back a song that makes you feel like this

songwriting production


From $295. Send me your completed song, describe what your song is about, send me the lyrics.

Step 1: Submit and chat

Step 2: Produce musical draft, production schedule & quote

Step 3:  Payment

Step 4: I deliver the final recorded version & Master Ready 

Selection of Musical Objectives

My objective is to help your song be more expressive by reinforcing its melodic, harmonic or rhythmic virtues..

This may include suggestions as:

Listen to some examples with the before and after our songwriting production work

The feeling you wish to reflect will always be our only target.

How do we interchange files

I work on a daily basis for clients all over the world using the inter-webs, with OMF to have access to the individual tracks of the production. Therefore,  I can choose what tracks to listen to, so as to determine what I will play and how.

I really do not need all the individual tracks,  but around 4 to 6 with a rough mix of the sections. I suggest using my cloud storage, so I may access the files and open them up with my software. If possible, we may also have real time feedback-and interacting during the recording process.

There is always a delay on the net; so I will download from my cloud storage tracks to my hardware and sync with my software.

How do I budget the songwriting production

Once you have sent me the song and we have discussed what you need, I will forward my initial draft.  This draft might require you to do some of the development.

When we have the song ready for the final songwriting production, I will forward a 15 second draft of the final idea. I will budget in accordance with the amount of tracks, and work that you require. I will always suggest what I believe will work best, how to enhance what you already have tracked; in other words how to make your song unique .

As a reference point, If I only have to lay down one guitar track, my price will be $295 which includes also the inital assement and draft.


As I have written previously,  before accepting any work, we must discuss your needs.  I will then propose a short sample of work that I will deliver as a session guitarist or musician.

Once accepted the songwriting production , I will require full payment by Pay Pal,  or Electronic Funds Transfer, before starting the recording of the final tracks. I accept ETF payments in most major currencies. During the process, we will maintain discussion upon goals set forth in our pre production stage .

Album Credits Equipment that I use

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