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Thomas Lorenzo Live on ABC

Flamenco Latin Guitar Music Videos

Please enjoy this selection of  Flamenco Latin Guitar Music Videos  that I share with you from my live Melbourne Concerts. You may further enjoy more of my past live acoustic music on my you tube page. I invite you to subscribe to my channel of Flamenco Latin Guitar Music Videos and educational content.

I adore how music comes to life through a Spanish guitar. This instruments responds well to expressing sweetness, passion, extreme dynamics , rhythm and harmony. Furthermore, very few musical instruments have this capability of diversity; with both melody and harmony.

I love to play in small formats with instruments of similar projection, as a bass. The guitar tends to work well with instruments of similar character, and its sound may easily become obscured, if played in a  musical context where harmonies or melodies are sustained. The nylon string acoustic guitar projects well in all registers. It can create solid bass lines, and very clear high register melodic, or harmonic textures.

All in all,  I never get bored of playing the guitar. Therefore it allows me to express everything that comes into my mind. My daily musical adventure into life shines with the guitar.

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