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Nature’s Wisdom Unleashed: Exciting Latest Release

I walk, I sit and listen. When time arrives I hear the music.

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Harmonizing with Nature- Latest Release

I invite you to join me on a musical journey of connection and reflection through ‘Harmonizing with Nature.’ This album represents my evolution as an artist, from simply expressing emotions to capturing the very essence of nature through my music. As I rediscover ancestral wisdom and hidden values in my birthplace, Dharawal Country, NSW, Australia, and from where my ancestors are from, El Valle de Laciana, Leon, Spain, I extend a heartfelt invitation to all of us to harmonize with nature, fostering a path towards a more sustainable future.

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Harmonizing Hearts Through the Magic of Music

I welcome you to my world of music.

This site reflects my 55-year journey in life, exploring the wonderful world of music and sharing it with those who believe music connects us with more than we can see.I started hearing music as a child, running in the rainforest of the grandmother mountain called Geera in Dharawal Country, NSW, Australia

My need for learning took me to Berklee College of Music. Collaboration and sharing through the EU, South America, and Australia as a composer, teacher, producer, and writer, working alongside hundreds of musicians and sharing my music with thousands of beautiful people whom I have to thank every day.

Music incites enormous desires to explore life, starting with one’s inner self, learning from all the masters and expressing the limitless existence of all.The more I converge my life with the pathway of music and what it really is, the better I feel.

I wish to inspire your daily life and bring all of us closer in a way that present-day communications, like social media, try and do not. Music brings together our souls through the magic of sound. 

This site is for all music lovers who cannot live without hearing music with their eyes closed, shutting off the world, taking a deep breath, and being transported to dreams where existence is soothing.

I would like you to explore what I have done, what I do for others, which in business is called service. I would like to share my music with you, help you share yours. Lately, my goal is to share the wisdom of the old ways as a possible pathway to provide a future for our children, as the world is a dying place.

What else keeps me busy?

Always creating for you and with you

Libros El Arreglo

Compra y descarga de ejemplos.

Download the 245 examples that will teach how to relate knowledge to emotion. Please note that the downloadable feature is not currently available on Amazon.

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A different way of Learning Guitar

For those musicians who need to understand how to enjoy life through their inner musical child.

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Since 1992, I have been dedicated to producing a vast collection of music, all with the guiding principle of encouraging others to embrace their own unique identities rather than imitating another artist. Join me.


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