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  Deep Diversity


I love to describe in absolute detail the composition, and its variations,  in a spacial context of pulsations, that resemble water swells, tide flows and waves. 

My music is diverse

I embrace reflect and celebrate our Australian Cultural Diversity 

I love to compose, arrange, produce and perform for you .

Where did it all start

My music, my productions, my performances, compositions, arrangements and book, are the consequence of 40 years, exploring in depth my emotional intelligence.

We are all complicated human beings; music is the perfect tool to unleash all our inner needs of expression. With music, I can dive deep into my emotions, twist them around and enjoy a simple existence.

Australian born and branded

I was born in a country of immigrants and of great cultural diversity. I grew up playing with my Italian, Greek, Irish and Lebanese friends. I enjoyed listening to their music. I grew up also enjoying AC DC, Abba, the Rolling Stones and other reflections of the new international urban culture.

I went to Spain when I was 12, and further immersed in urban culture, similar to all that found in major cities of the world, but I also  immersed in local traditions as Mediterranean, Catalan Folklore and Flamenco.

18 years old and exploding

For years I had been hearing all this incredible diversity of music. I wanted to understand it, play and create for my self the wonderful feelings, this huge diversity created in me.  I just needed to know more. 

Deep exploration

I felt the urge to describe in depth my existence.  I started absorbing and learning, diversity of styles and forms of compositions and music. 

I studied in depth how to compose and arrange for duos, trio, quartets, big bands, orchestras in jazz, rock, blues, funk, flamenco , folk  and all the styles I loved.  I culminated my understanding after attending 4 years Berklee College of Music and writing my text book on arranging and composition during another 7 years.

Australian Creativity, Spanish Depth 

My need to understand, with no limits, was sparked by my Australian teachers.  The need for emotional depth, was sparked, by how I saw pleasure in a Spanish society whose members loved to express with no limits, all their feelings.

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