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Thomas Lorenzo

In the early nineties he graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA  under the supervision of Grammy award winner Robert Freedman. He then taught and lectured in a number or significant musical institutions including Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and  “L’ Aula de Musica Moderna i Jazz” of The Barcelona Liceo Conservatory.

I must say that I am very proud to have taught at LIPA, how to write Beatles songs to locals. The truth is that scouters ( locals form Liverpool)  take the Beatles for granted but I had to learn the hard way to understand them so I became good at explaining to others how they did it”

In the early 90’s his innovative production skills took him to Colombia hired by national TV network Cosmovision. He soon came back to Europe to avoid the intense daily danger brought upon by the war with Pablo Escobar and DEA.

And started working with Spanish and French  talent to create a new record label called Flamenco Street Projects which led to being awarded a UK national Arts Lottery funding to compose and perform the suite called the Immigrant.

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Music Production

The musical idea that you imagine is your masterpiece. However,  you need to choose the right chords, notes, sounds, groove and structure, to produce the sound recording, that you and others will intensely enjoy.

I will guide you, and as we finally record your song, you will hear and feel exactly what you had originally imagined or intended.

Thomas Lorenzo The Flamenco Guitar Celebration Tour

Book your Entertainment Spanish Guitar Music

I am very excited about sharing my selection of songs we all love that come to life on my Spanish Guitar.  They really brings out in me happiness,  get my feet moving and heart pumping.

Whether its foot stomping Flamenco spanish guitar music, Jazzy Beatles, Funky Michael Jackson,  I  will take you and your guests on a guitar ride that will leave you wanting more.

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Music Production

Thomas learnt his production skills at Berklee College of Music alongside producers as Don Puluse ( Miles Davis, Sly Stone). He has combined industry expertise and knowledge with commercial acumen to produce numerous CDs, manage the promotion and marketing for online sales as well as providing tour management and promotion for live concert sales including securing public funding for live tours.

Online Guitar Courses

What will you learn?

A practical selection of harmony, arranging and music production skills accessible to guitarists and songwriters of all levels to help you create arrange and produce songs in accord to the feel you wish to deliver.

I deliver a total block of skills in 6 courses. Each course last 12 weeks, 12 videos for you to master, with 12 hangout sessions to participate in and 24 assignments to record and share with group members.

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