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Spanish Guitar Music Concerts

Nature's Harmony: An Immersive Musical Journey

Join me in my concerts and let us immerse ourselves in the profound beauty of mother nature through the magic of music.

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Soulful Sounds: Join Thomas Lorenzo on an Enriching Musical Journey

Experience the soul-nourishing melodies of Thomas Lorenzo, an acclaimed Flamenco and Jazz guitarist, and composer. Born in the vibrant Dharawal country,  Wollongong, NSW; Thomas Lorenzo is the son of Spanish immigrants who sought refuge from fascism. Thomas’s musical upbringing was a fusion of diverse cultures and influences.

Returning to Barcelona after the restoration of democracy, Thomas further honed his craft, infusing his music with a unique blend of Flamenco passion and Jazz sophistication.

Get ready for an extraordinary musical journey that celebrates the marvels of our world. Through the universal language of music, we’ll connect with the spirit of nature and immerse ourselves in its profound beauty. Don’t miss this chance to be transported to a realm where music and nature harmonize in perfect synergy. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will nourish your soul.

Discover why  Grammy Award winning artists as Alphonso Johnson or Walfredo Reyes ( Chicago), perform his music.

Discover why he was selected Spanish National Jazz finalist in 1997.

Discover why Paul Cartney´s L.I.P.A  commissioned him to write the suite the Immigrant.

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Live Acoustic Music. A Roller Coaster Guitar Show Thomas Lorenzo Book Wollongong Town Hall

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Live Acoustic Music. A Roller Coaster Guitar Show Thomas Lorenzo Book Wollongong Town Hall

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Thomas has released five solo instrumental albums in contemporary Jazz, Blues and Flamenco styles. His latest release Spanish Breeze debuted at #36 on the Top 50 JazzWeek World Music Album Charts in 2010 and was #32 on the College Music Journal Jazz Chart. The album features Grammy nominee Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Grateful Dead) on Bass, Dave Garfield (George Benson) on Keys, and Walfredo Reyes (Santana) on Drums, and was  produced  by Grammy nominee Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr).

As a composer he has received the commission by the UK national Arts Lottery in 1997 to compose the suite, of live acoustic music, called The Immigrant premiered at the Paul Mc Cartney Auditorium in Liverpool, UK, featuring a 38 piece ensemble and multimedia art works.


Play Boy Magazine:

Guitars, live acoustic music, in pure state. Influences go from Paco de Lucia, Stevie Vay Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix.

Jazz Chicago 

Refined melodic sense, but don´t expect light hearted guitar melodies. 

Audience reviews 

“Magnífico. Not just a concert , this is an exploration of the essence of Spain, the energy , the drama of the Spanish people. His guitar in his hands speaks more deadly than words.” Rodney White

“Flows effortlessly, expertly allows tension to build with quick delicate melodies to release.  It blurs the lines in between music and pure expression”. Billy Pouki 

“What a journey, the concert and the live acoustic music was immersive.” Victoria Napps

“It was so beautiful”.  Gayatri Raghavan Padma 

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