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Thomas Lorenzo Live on ABC get Kracking

Thomas Lorenzo Live on ABC

I do not create music I discover it

Whenever I hear an idea in my head, or a song that I like, I just start playing. Soon afterwards, I start hearing textures, densities, colours, sounds, and immerse into a deep whirlpool of sensations.

I contemplate, and enjoy the ride, but soon, I focus on what feels best and choose.  Soon, I discover among all the emotional swells, the exact idea that will give me joy,  and I then start working on transforming my imagination into reality.

This is where my knowledge of harmony, melody, orchestration and music production kicks in, and I bring the idea to life, so you may also enjoy it .

I therefore need to be open-minded, in all that I play, compose or produce. The styles, sound, chords, background lines, groove, structure are all consequences of bringing to life what I have discovered.

I am a slave of deep diversity as my satisfaction only occurs when I get itright.

Please enjoy a selection of Thomas Lorenzo Videos or visit my  Thomas Lorenzo You Tube Channel

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