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Nature´s Wisdom

This album embraces beauty, channeling what’s seen and felt, breaking style barriers. It signifies a life stage where music bridges visible and hidden worlds. Music is nature’s vibrations, uncovered by awareness. Ancient cultures like Dharawal and Pesico inspire me. I explore Laciana’s Valley ancestors’ stories, weaving consensus and personal insight. Dharawal Elders’ blessing and ancestral support fuel my journey. I unite two cultures’ truths with my music reality. Selecting understandable stories, reflecting in Country, I compose. In Spain, untainted tales shine through layers. Laciana Valley’s myths are my truths. An exciting future unfolds, mingling with open, like minds. This album resonates beyond religion and wealth, inviting connection. Listen, enjoy, share – let’s uncover the unseen realm.

nature music spanish guitar composition
Immerse yourself: Click the image to listen, dream with the story, and witness it all in the captivating video.
Geera Mt Keira Wollongong Nature Music
The song of the minnamurra rainforest
Love of life , Dharawal people, The Minnamurra river
The song of the LyreBird by Thomas Lorenzo GunaiKurnai creation story of Waratah Bay Tarra Bulga National Park Gippsland
Mt Kembla , My Happy Place, Wollongong Hikes
madjari yandha gadhu small
Harmonies of Ancestral Echoes: Unveiling Beauty through Music and Stories

This album is about fulfilling my need to understand the beauty surrounding me and creating compositions that don’t follow a style but merely reflect the things I can see and feel.

This album represents a new stage in my life where I believe music is a powerful pathway to connect us with both what we see and what we don’t. Even though I believe music is simply the existing vibrations of nature, in other words, it’s already there and we discover it; the only way for me to discover it is to learn how to be aware of what other things I cannot see. There are cultures that have been doing this for thousands of years. The Aboriginal Culture of Dharawal Country, Australia and the Pesico Culture of the Valley de Laciana, Spain of my ancestors.

I am halfway through my journey. Now I am researching the stories of my ancestors in the Valley of Spain, trying to reach a consensus with the scholars about their meaning and choosing from that meaning what I really see and feel when the stories are told in the place where they come to life.

I will be doing a lot of traveling. At this stage, the Dharawal Elders have given me their blessing for what I am doing, and now the Storytellers, the Council, and the custodians of the local culture of my ancestors’ land are excited to help me finish my musical exploration of existence. In a way, I will be connecting two cultures, two ancestral ways of seeing the truth, with my own perception of reality with music.

Before I compose, I have to carefully select the stories that I can understand. I have to reflect on those stories on Country and seek guidance until the music comes alive.

In Spain, I have to find the correct stories that have not been tinted by the Romans, the Catholic faith, more or less taking off the dust layers until I reveal the authentic message.

In the Valley of Laciana, they are called myths and legends. I call them truths.

I find the immediate future exciting because I don’t know where this will take me. All I know is that I’m meeting wonderful like-minded folk who, in a way, don’t fit into the present world of wealth and logic. I find minds that are open to feeling and connecting, finding other ways of existing.

I expect to achieve an awareness of the importance of listening to the past and present elders and wisdom, the ancestral wisdom. I am seeking people who don’t have to listen to music as a style but as an experience. I want people to go back to listening with their eyes closed to full songs and albums the way we used to do it as children, with a beer in our hands, just enjoying a full album without any visual constraints. I would like the internet to be turned off.

This album is for those who seek a connection beyond religion and the power of wealth.

I would like you to listen, to enjoy, to reach your own conclusion, and possibly share them with me and all the readers and listeners.

All the stories take place in a real world that we cannot see and know is there. Maybe that’s why we have religion, because we know it’s there but cannot see it. I believe heaven is here on earth, and we have to see it. Maybe God brought his son to earth so we can be reminded where the real kingdom of existence is, in front of us as we betray love and die.




rmit university logoDharawal Dreamtime compositions partially funded through RMIT Vice Chancellor Indigenous Research Fellowship for Dr Jodi Edwards, Dharawal Custodian. 

creative victoria thomas lorenzo nature musicGunaiKurnai dreamtime compositions partially funded by Creative Arts Victoria and supervised by GunaiKurnai traditonal custodian Wayne Thorpe. 

Personally I thank the Dharawal and GunaiKurnai Elders for their trust, guidance and inspiration as they are the invaluable key to help us live in harmony with nature.   

Illawarra Land CouncilGunaiKurnai Aboriginal Land and Waters Cooperation 

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