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Nature Music

When I walk in nature I come across happy places that ask me to sit and listen. When time arrives I  hear its music and I play it.

I first started hearing music in nature as a child in the rainforests of Geera, Mt Keira and since then all my music had reflected its wonders of space and time. After 38 years in Spain I came back as I wanted to write more music and experience more of its wonders.

I told the Dharawal and GunaiKurnai Aboriginal Elders of my wishes and with their guidance I was taught the Aboriginal Dreaming stories I needed to help me understand better the emotions these special places were trying to teach me.

nature music spanish guitar composition

My Musical Story

This creative process through perception of nature produces extreme satisfaction expanding my creative insights. In other words I hear more music, and much more complex patterns in my pursuit of reproducing the feel of nature which i define as Nature Music.


rmit university logoDharawal Dreamtime compositions partially funded through RMIT Vice Chancellor Indigenous Research Fellowship for Dr Jodi Edwards, Dharawal Custodian. 

creative victoria thomas lorenzo nature musicGunaiKurnai dreamtime compositions partially funded by Creative Arts Victoria and supervised by GunaiKurnai traditonal custodian Wayne Thorpe. 

Personally I thank the Dharawal and GunaiKurnai Elders for their trust, guidance and inspiration as they are the invaluable key to help us live in harmony with nature.   

Illawarra Land CouncilGunaiKurnai Aboriginal Land and Waters Cooperation 


Aboriginal Lore (culture) has language that gives me perspective to be more aware of what I need to listen to so I can develóp more creative and personal work that produces the healing effect I need in my daily life at every moment of existence.

Styles and judgment give way to a childish curiosity of infinite potential. Nature is who we are.


Geera Nhama-ya

Caring Beyond Consequences


Madjari Yandha Gadhu

Sacrifice and Friendship


Woorayil and Tiddalik

Language to restore the balance of nature. The creation story of Waratah Bay.

Live Streams

The stories retold to the listeners of the bush


My creative process through perception of nature: Nature Music

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