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Australian flamenjazz guitar

This composition reflects upon my life as an immigrant in Australia and Spain.  I was born in Australia and have lived in Spain for almost 38 years. My music is a compendium of both cultures.

australian flamenjazz guitar Thomas Lorenzo new iTunes release

In a way, I believe it is a reflection of what Australian culture is: a big mix of identities sharing a common living space and ideals.  Australia creates a cultural setting where all musical ideas are valid and welcomed by the majority of residents.

I must insist that Australia has been a land of extreme discrimination, especially when I was a kid, but now I do not see so much anymore. We have improved and integrated for the time being.

Please allow me to contribute to our new cultural heritage, by sharing with you all, my new composition:  Australian flamenco Jazz Guitar.  The core idea of the composition, came to my head briskly while I was walking the Catalan Pyrenees, in Spain, this last Spanish summer. ( 2016)

The birth of the idea

I was able to jot down the musical idea and record the structure on my phone, while eating a succulent orange and viewing the high majestic peaks of the Pyrenees, as I was on the top of one.

Afterwards, back  in  Australia,  I sat down on the piano and finished the composition to be performed by two guitars with distinct melodic lines.  Hence the idea was born in Spain and raised in Australia.

Please purchase this track and allow me to further share my creative output with you all.

Upcoming Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concerts

On March 8, at 8 pm, 2017,  Thomas Lorenzo , Flamenco Jazz Guitar,  will be performing at the Paris Cat Jazz Club,  6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000. Tickets  $25.  I will have as special guest, Ben Robertson on bass. Please come along to our Melbourne jazz concert and help us create the perfect ambience.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

I have scheduled new Melbourne Sydney guitar courses due to the high demand of students. Classes are held on weekday evenings from 5 till 9 pm. All Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday groups are completely full. I will be opening up new guitar groups on Thursdays in the following weeks . Please send me an email for more information and to schedule an interview for assessment.

Libros de Música

El Arreglo, Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical: My text book on Arranging and Orchestration. Dedicated to all musicians who wish to create a tool box full of musical ideas to further enhance their creative output, both in studio and live scenarios.

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