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Benefits of live music

Benefits of live music

Melbourne is a thriving musical community. It´s multicultural diversity  creates a unique atmosphere for creative musical development and live music.

During the present year 2015,  I have had the privilege of collaborations with musicians of diverse cultural heritage as Malay, Indian and Afghan. I believe we are in the mist of developing a musical trademark, in Australia, reflection of the goodwill and need of musicians to interact.

Our audiences are thirsty cultural lovers who seek the pleasure of live music to enhance the beauty of their own existence. Melbourne concerts and  live music,  boost cultural integration and bring us all closer to each other.

During the year 2106 I will continue to pursue my creative goals of excellence and contribute to our healthy musical community. I have decided to continue offering monthly concerts where at each concert we will strive to create the most unique experience for the listener with ambience,  sound and lights.

The listener deserves to be immersed in the best acoustic and visual environment. This allows the experience to become an ever lasting memory.

The Spanish Guitar

The Spanish guitar, once again, will be my principal instrument. I will continue to educate, by sharing real Spanish folk, and flamenco music with all music lovers.

Spain is also an extremely diversified cultural melting pot. And I feel very sad,  to see how little of it is portrayed outside its borders. In Australia,  we only get a glimpse of what Spain is really about. Musically, I am very close to Spain as I have lived there for over 35 years and all my family is Spanish. But I am also an Australian musician,  composer and guitarist.

Australia also has a unique musical culture,  based upon understanding, praise and acceptance of old and new musical values. We are in a country of great potential. And I encourage musicians to develop their creative ideas, to the extreme of personal satisfaction . Musical can become a trademark and an export industry for our economy.  I believe a new melting pot of all these new cultures, will soon pour our unique styles that will marvel the world.

Join us, during the next year and share with us our humble participation, in Melbourne live music, concerts and its vigorous creative musical environment.


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