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Flamenco jazz guitar with Sara Baras

Flamenco jazz guitar with Sara Baras and Princesa Rett

Flamenco jazz guitar with Sara Baras


Sara Baras,the reigning flamenco queen,  is one of the main sponsors of the Spanish Charity that funds research for the cure of the Rett Syndrome.  The Rett syndrome is a rare, severe neurological disorder that affects mostly girls. This syndrome affects brain growth, muscle coordination,  breathing and language skills.

I have been invited by the prominent flamenco artist, J Motos,  to collaborate with this foundation and Sara Bara; by laying down the guitar tracks of the song that will be the anthem of this charity. The full video production of this track will feature Sara Baras, with the  support other leading Spanish actors and musicians as: Niña Pastori, los Morancos and Antonio Banderas.  

I am doing such with great pleasure. Please revisit this page in a few weeks time, to hear the new track of Flamenco jazz guitar with Sara Baras.

Melbourne Concerts

On June 28, I will be performing with Ben Robertson and Darryn Farrugia, at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne. Please join us for an evening of interlocking lines and fusion of Flamenco and Jazz guitar. I am looking forward to a three way conversation of visceral dynamics and constant invention at my Melbourne Concert.

The Spanish guitar is a powerful stand alone instrument, with which I will lay down a solid harmonic context;  in constant shape shifting due to Ben’s harmonious melodic lines and Darryn’s state of the art virtuosity.

Join for a celebration of emotion and music.

Melbourne Guitar Courses

Please hurry up ! One week to go before the kick off the May Melbourne Guitar courses. I still have some spaces left for:

  • Level 3 on Wednesdays
  • Level 2 on Mondays at 6 pm 

If you cannot join us next week, please do not worry, send me an email with your expression of interest, as I schedule new groups to commence every few weeks.

Melbourne Flamenco Guitars

Once again, I am very excited to share with you all, my collection of Flamenco Guitars that I have brought from Spain for sale. Please take a peek. in a fews days, on my website.  You will be able to hear them, and judge the differences in timbre and spectrum.

Arranging and Orchestration

Please also take a peek at my book on Arranging and Orchestration, in the Spanish language. It is  called: “Libros de música,  el Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical”.  In this book, I share with you 8 years of research, on how to relate expression to knowledge. The book is  the answer to the question that most arrangers have to deal with  : How can I portray this feeling I have, with this instrumentation and this harmonic context?


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