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Flamenco Jazz Guitar, single release: Libertad


  • Composer: Thomas Lorenzo
  • Label: Barcelona Music
  • Guitar: Thomas Lorenzo
  • Flamenco Percussion: Jose Motos Perez
  • Recorded in Melbourne / Barcelona 2016

Libertad is a flamenco jazz guitar centred composition. The song is based upon one of the flamenco styles called tangos.

Flamenco Jazz Guitar Single release

Libertad: Style and structure

Tientos, Tangos and Rumba, are names given to the same similar flamenco style, but played at different tempos. Tientos is performed at a slow tempo,  and rumba at a quicker pace.

The song is divided in three sections. The first section develops  upon traditional flamenco harmony.

The arrangement, of the flamenco jazz guitar composition, is focused on guitar solo performance. I love how guitarists sound complete in flamenco interpretation. Please note that there is no bass and such is not needed.

Why the name Libertad ( Freedom)

Libertad is a  guitar composition that relates my perspective on freedom.  Therefore, I believe freedom can only occur when we have a choice, that allows us to Iive in love and harmony with others.

Life should solely be about giving and receiving with love. Therefore, I tend to feel great when this occurs. Maybe, if we all started  sharing much more, there would be less room for hate, violence and need for forgiveness.

This flamenco jazz guitar composition relates the pleasure I  feel, when I choose, to act solely upon the consequence of a path, that always results in satisfaction for all parties involved.

However,  I also believe we have to give and receive,  and if in love we only give, then the result is not of pleasure but of hate. I like to place myself in a position, where I can constantly give and recieve love and all its consequences.

I must express my gratitude to Jose Motos Perez. He is one of the contemporary  masters of flamenco percussion.

Flamenco Jazz Guitar

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