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Flamenco Jazz Solo Guitar Triste

Flamenco Jazz  Solo Guitar Triste

I am pleased to announce my new release Triste. It is an instrumental guitar composition that reflects on sadness.

I believe that when we express a feeling it tends to go away. When a feeling goes away a new one will take the place of the emptiness left behind. When I express sadness, I like to express such, in a manner that afterwards I am able to feel joy. This is how I feel,  after I play this new flamenco guitar composition of mine called Triste, which translated into English means sadness.

The track is record primarily with one guitar. In some sections I double the melody to add texture to its line. You will hear two guitars towards the end of the composition.

Ramirez Guitar

The guitar used is the flamenco guitar Ramirez 1962, recently refurbished in Barcelona.  I adore the sound this flamenco guitar produces. The overall spectrum is that of extreme sweetness and balance, between notes and their harmonics.  This flamenco guitar has not been played in 20 years and the tone is therefore a bit dull, but as I continue its use, the quality of projecting and overtones will enhance .

Style Flamenco Jazz  Solo Guitar Triste

The style of this guitar composition would fall into the category of jazz and word music. My main influence is flamenco in the way I play chords and melody.  I base the harmonic cadence on the tonal centre of D and the mode of Mixolydian b13. This mode is found in the melodic minor scale. The B section of the guitar tune is in D Ionian.

The overall harmony does not fall into categories found in the flamenco idiom but the way rhythm and melody is created, does . Flamenco incorporates harmony into the melody, creating extreme embellished melodies.

Please take a peak at my new track. It is available for purchase on.

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