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Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts

Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts

I am definitely looking forward to my next series of Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts, 2017.  I will perform in the intimate surrounds of the Armadale Uniting Church, Victoria , Australia.



Please join us for the premier of my latest album, Australian Flamenjazz,  where I mix the harmonic and melodic language of Jazz, with the rhythmic virtuosity of Traditional Flamenco.


During an hour, the spectator will immerse in a voyage of pulsating grooves and surprising emotional intensity,  at all my Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts.

I am very happy to share my music with an audience that is in sync with adventure and emotion. Comments as ” “Exhilarating music from the soul, OR Energising ”  definitely made my day.  READ MORE ON 

I thank you in advance for joining me on this musical guitar adventure.

Flamenco Guitars for Sale

Eduardo  Durán:  Superior Flamenco Concert Guitar: $8.800 dollars

I selected this guitar amongst the most impressive collection of Flamenco concert guitars that I found in the shop: Casa Luthier of Barcelona, Spain.  I choose my guitars without consideration of price or brand.  We all should base our decisions solely on objective factors as: timbre, projection and dynamics.

This is the best flamenco classical guitar for sale  I found in the shop and I was surprised that it was cheaper than some of the top models from Conde Hermanos and Paulino Bernabé. Please book an appointment and try it out; you will definitely here it’s depth of sound and the emotion it creates.

Music Books Arranging and Orchestration

Libros de Música, el Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical .

You may purchase my  text book on Arranging in Orchestration through the following Amazon link. The book has for reference , 300 audio  examples, that can be downloaded through this highlighted link.

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