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Guitar Music, Exploring Culture

Exploring culture through guitar music

The following link will take you to a playlist, featuring my seven latest flamenco guitar releases. That explore Flamenco Mediterranean Culture, and crossover to contemporary Australian music.

guitar music

During the last year, I have spent many months in Spain, walking through the Pyrenees, the Mountains of Leon ,  enjoying local traditions and above all music.

These seven tracks are the most thorough harmonic and melodic representation of any composition that I had produced in the past.  They will immerse you in vigorous splashes of emotional surprises. I have now created a style that I name: Australian Flamenjazz.

Melbourne concerts and events

I will be showcasing all these new compositions and others, at all my Melbourne concerts to be held this year 2017.

I will hold my first concert, on June, at the  Paris Cat Jazz Club, in Melbourne. Doors open at 8 p.m. On stage, I will have as my musical partners: Ben Robertson on bass and Darryn Farrugia on drums. My trio has been playing together for two years, therefore the music that results is a staggering explosion of rhythm, harmony and melody. The shows will go on at the Armadale Uniting Church on the following dates:

Book Full Melbourne Concerts: Thomas Lorenzo  2017


Melbourne Creative Guitar School

I still have 2 slots left for levels 1 and 3, that  will commence next Thursday, June 15,  at 6 and 7 p.m.  I require all students to undergo an interview,  prior commitment of any classes,  so I may introduce course  materials and specifically assess students skills.

Please sign up for our newsletter,  to be informed of all upcoming guitar courses and events that we host at our Creative Guitar Social Club. This club brings together all students to share their musical creations in ensemble settings.

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New flamenco guitar for sale

Hermanos Conde: $5,800, Year  2007. This guitar is present in all my major albums I have released since the year 2006. I recommend this guitar to a professional guitarist that needs the authentic flamenco sound on recordings and performances. This guitar produces extreme melodic and harmonic attack. Please visit my flamenco guitar for sale page.

El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresion  Musical

  • How can I make a small brass section sound like a big band ?
  • How can I make my guitar player playing stand out more in background situations?
  • Which is the smallest string ensemble, I can use in my arrangements,  in order to achieve a full ensemble string sound ?

I answer these questions, and many more, in my text book on Arranging and Orchestration.  At present,  my book , Libros de música, El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresión  is in the Spanish language.

The Flamenco Guitar Production Package

Create a solid foundation of your next composition with Flamenco guitars. Add the Spanish touch to your next production. From $295.  Send me your demo, let me enjoy your music. I will send you a quote and share with you musical ideas, to further enhance the beauty of your creations.

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