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Lamento – Contemporary Spanish Guitar


Lamento is my grief, my loss, my pain but since I express it and move forward I create a calm pathway where I just remain to be.

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Lamento Spanish Guitar Composition

My Journey in life

I had covid last week and in a way it was good as it actually made all that ego in me, all that judgment of others, dissipate for a week. It was tiring but peaceful and I got to finish my last album which summarizes why I came back to Australia.

The more I compose music that reflects what I hear in mother nature and the more aboriginal lore I am fortunate to learn, the more I understand that music and aboriginal lore speak the same language and I do not feel lonely and serenity kicks in.

I go to bed and live for 8 hours a day. Most of the time I wake up feeling ok but eager to get things done in life so I can have a good night’s rest again.


So I measure the success of what I do by how well I sleep and dream.

My life is then keeping my dreams true in the daytime so at night I can dream again.

The day is a dream and the night is a new dream.

This song represents what I feel life is at this moment as I get older and see that no matter what happens the essence of existence doesn’t change unless I learn to accept the inevitable that life is about dreaming.

And making dreams come true.,

My dreams are not fantasies but the real me guiding me to do what I have to do in the day.

Dreams tell me to be ethical, give and receive and to stand up for myself which means no other than to follow ethics that allow me at the end of the day to sleep and wake up again from a dream into its realization.

Death Does not Exist

The only thing I never dream about is death, and I see it all around me. So maybe death does not exist; it is just another state of existence.

Ohh I forgot I can only fulfill  dreams through music as words do not have the power to make them come true. Music is the only language I know that connects my sleeping soul and my daily destructive ego to existence.

Lamento Alternate cover
Lamento Alternate Album Cover

The Song, a Constant Motif

In this song you will hear a motif, a melodic motif that is always the same. You will hear that it is constant but the surroundings are always changing.

This represents that my dreams show me to stay where I am, to keep my motif going strong no matter what is around me and since my motif is of good heart, then I can just travel with it and explore all that life can offer, or all that I am able to experience without destroying this precious motif I keep alive in my soul night after night.

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