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Live Guitar Music at The National Tournament – Golf

From Sydney to Melbourne

A quick trip to Melbourne this weekend to play for the season-ending tournament on the ISPS HANDA PGA Tour of Australasia.

I do not play golf and I was amazed at the details of national and international competitions, the training, the prize money and the hard working competitors.

I must say this Melbourne golf course is a delight to see and of course the Club event was just eye-opening and the food a pleasant surprise. Anyway hello and goodbye Melbourne and back to Sydney.

Oops no guitarist in the pics. I find it hard to take a selfie by extending my hand beyond limits to get the full pic. Anyway, just imagine me playing and enjoying the view over the Tasman Sea which is very blue.

live flamenco guitar The National Tournament

The Flamenco Guitar and Live Music

I am happy to see that things are getting back to normal after Covid, people once again feel comfortable about mingling with others and the Australian national events are starting to seek live music again.

It has been a couple of rough years for the music industry and I wish to encourage all the musicians with a passion about their art to get back out there, as the crowds are hungry for live music.

I feel quite honoured to be traveling to shows around Australia, with a musical style that is not mainstream at all. The more I play my original guitar music with the feel that reflects simple down to earth emotions, the more the audience loves it.

In other words the more individual, unique I am, the easier it is for the audience to distinguish my message. So thank you all for your support.

Golf course guitar view Australia National Golf Tournament

Mainstream or Eclectic

While festivals and concert halls have a need to classify musicians, so as to place them in categories the audience might understand, I find that the audience once engaged with the live music, really does not care of the style but that of the emotion.

The style can be the greeting card but the audience will always be hungry for the emotion.

My music is eclectic in nature as I have been playing and learning every day for the last 50 years and have accumulated a vast amount of musical knowledge.

This allows me to pinpoint with precision the desired emotion, and then use the appropriate tools to express such. This results in a mixture of styles as flamenco, jazz, pop and blues.

The Spanish guitar can be a very lyrical instrument as well as a very rhythmic one. Its dynamic range surpasses that of the electric guitar and the expression I get out of it makes me go with the flow and be able to play soft, sweet, loud aggressive,  always project and be heard with clarity.

The flamenco guitar has this special touch of attack where the soft and loud are joyful to hear.

If you would like to know more about the timbres of flamenco guitars please, check out some of the videos on my you tube channel.

Telling the Story Through Music

I would  like to point out something crucial so upcoming generations in music can help this beautiful language evolve even more : Tell your story.

It’s not about being fancy, fast, trendy, upbeat or powerful. It’s about sharing a journey that has a beginning and an ending, you cannot always just scream it out, you need to flow, play slow, play quick, rest, give the audience time to enjoy , create space, create excitement, anticipation, play what they expect and what they do not, play always varying this degree of tension to make it flow and maintain your interest in what you are doing, and as a consequence that of the audience.

I like to consider the audience as a friend and cherish being able to share with them the journey of a song and its story. I play better when I consider I am giving them a gift of what I love to do, which is play the guitar and create music that makes me feel good about life, in a world that can have so many negative emotions constantly bringing you down. I stress this need of why to play the guitar in all my online guitar courses or my in person Guitar courses and lessons in Sydney

So once again thank you and I hope I can see you all in my next shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

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