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Meatballs, Big Band Music, on Spanish National TV for a Decade

Broadcasted nightly for over a decade 

Big Band Music on MediasetTelecinco, one of the major Spanish TV networks, has broadcasted my Big Band Composition Meatballs, performed by the Bob Sands Big Band,  nightly during the last decade. 

In 2010, I got a call from Mediaset which is the publishing company of Telecino. They expressed interest in my music and offered me a publishing contract for my Composition Meatballs with the objective of releasing the track on daily National TV, for a short period of time. I never imagined that this short period of time would extend to a decade of television broadcast. 


bob sand Big Band music by Thomas Lorenzo Mediaset asked me to adapt the composition to a Big Band ensemble. This is my speciality, so in a few days I had it done. I flew to Madrid to rehearse and record the live performance. Secondly the Big Band ran through my charts a few times, I made some adjustments and in two takes we had it down with the live footage for broadcast. 

Since then, once a night I have enjoyed viewing my name on TV alongside 15 top jazz musicians screaming through my music. This is a wonderful feeling.


Music Publishing 

Most TV networks pay a lump sum to collection agencies for a license to broadcast music. On top of that, live aired music has an extra bonus and therefore can be a highly lucrative source of income for all composers. I encourage all composers to understand how the music royalty flow works, how publishers work and how they can help you develop your career with a profitable outcome. 

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