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Melbourne Concerts Best Venues

Melbourne Concerts  Best Venues

Melbourne has an emerging and vibrant music scene.  There are venues that offer something for everyone.  From Jazz, Indie Rock, to dance and techno, Melbourne concerts have it all.  Here are a few of our favorite places to catch a show.

The Prince Bandroom

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Situated above the Prince of Wales Hotel, the Prince Bandroom is a music hotspot.  Known for its quality hip-hop, electro, indie, and rock shows it is a popular destination for international stars to perform.  Add it to your list of places to see Melbourne concerts.

The Esplanade Hotel

Melboure Concerts Esplanade Hotel

Better known by those in the know as the Espy, you can catch a band here any day of the week.  With the Gershwin Room offering an open room for large crowds it is a popular spot for bands to perform.  In addition there is a smaller basement venue perfect for a darker, edgier crowd.

The Hi-Fi

You can always spot a good night for a show at the Hi-Fi by the crowd lined up down Swanston Street.  Mostly home to sweaty, grungy rock shows, it is also a popular destination for comedians.  The Hi-Fi is a must visit destination.


Those in the know frequent Howler.  Half of the roof is missing of this former warehouse making it quite an eclectic spot for a show.  You will only find the best of the future performing here.  A performer that requires a comfortable venue to make the show worth seeing will not make it here.  It’s all about the music.

The Corner Hotel

Filled with its own eclectic obstacles, the Corner Hotel is an experience in and of itself.  Boasting a long and narrow main room it is one of the best places in the city for live music.  What can be more memorable than being stuck behind a pole that blocks your view of the band?  It may be a bummer at the time, but I promise you will tell your friends that story a hundred times.  You can checkout the huge upper deck beer garden for a little elbow room, or the front bar for a vintage look at what a bar is supposed to be.  Still, with all of the cool, eccentric oddities these are not the reasons you have to see a show here.  The truth is, they book the best bands.

Palais Theatre

melbourne concerts palais theatre

If you’re looking for a more refined experience check out the Palais.  Build in the 20’s it is an impressive building.  With great acoustics audiophiles will appreciate not only the look but the sound.

Northcote Social Club

The perfect place to put your finger on the pulse of the independent music scene.  Just wander in any night of the week to see what’s happening.  If you’re lucky you may catch an international star performing a secret show.

For concert goers in Melbourne add these destinations to your list of places to catch a show.  You won’t regret it.  From old and historical to new and raw, these venues have it all.  Check the upcoming schedules to see your favorite artist at one of these must visit locations.

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