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Melbourne Jazz Festival Concerts

Visit The Melbourne Jazz Festival  and concerts For The Ultimate Experience

There are not that many places in the world as beautiful as Melbourne in Australia. Visiting this amazing metropolis is a mix of friendly people, culture, and fantastic architecture. Millions of people from all around the world visit every year, and the tourism industry continues to grow. Although a lot of visitors come to see the city, some flock to it once a year to see the famous Melbourne Jazz Festival. Music concerts exist all over the world, but for those who love jazz, there is no better setting for a festival of jazz music.


It was all the way back in 1998 when the first ever International Jazz Festival took place within Melbourne. The weather is usually guaranteed to be warm and sunny during the month of June when it is held. Although the festival was well received, it did have a stuttering start. The 2002 festival had to be cancelled due to the Arts Victoria and the City of Melbourne withdrawing funding. While in 2006 no festival was planned due to a shortage of available venues, as the Commonwealth Games was taking place in the city that year.

A Jazz Festival for everyone

The Melbourne Jazz Festival now occurs every year, and its reputation continues to grow. It caters for everyone, from very young, to those people who are in their twilight years. In fact, a lot of those who attend have never been to see live jazz before, but they all leave wanting more. Many artists appear, from the world famous, to those who come recommended by the local arts community. Unlike a lot of festivals that only last a few days, this one can be enjoyed for a whole two weeks.

2015 sees the 17th occurrence of this event, and it is expected that more than 40,000 people will attend this years Melbourne Jazz Festival  and concerts.  Overall, there will be 100 Melbourne concerts available for the public to see. This year will see the use of around 20 popular venues within Melbourne, and over 500 musicians have been booked in to entertain the people. Although some of the venues charge to go in, some of the concerts are free. There are also artist workshops, late night art parties, as well as events for all of the family. In order to save money for those wishing to see as many artists as possible, a number of packages are available.

Of course Melbourne is not all about the festival, even if the reason for the visit is for the music. The city offers a lot, especially for international visitors. The city is full of culture, and in 2008 it became a UNESCO City of Literature. Some of the buildings in the city are also classed as world heritage sites, giving them international protection. For the true art lovers, there are a number of galleries to see, and the State Library of Victoria is a must visit location. With so much to see and do on a visit to Melbourne, visiting during the Jazz Festival  Concerts will leave no time to rest.

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