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Melbourne Music Promotion

Melbourne music promotion. Why organise your own concerts?

I organise this series of Melbourne Concerts t ocontribute to the effectiveness of my music business enterprise, both in Australia and internationally.

These selected events prove to be the most cost effective solution to my Melbourne music promotion. I am achieving a steady yearly increase in revenue, both from my services and products.

Melbourne music promotion

When I organise my own concerts, I have the choice of most appropriate space, time and location to reach my target audience, with the defined musical outcome.

Social interaction
My Melbourne music promotion, through concerts,  showcase my best musical creativity. With every event I write 16 posts, that allow me to interact with my fan base of students, businesses and above all guitar fans. This social interaction increases customer loyalty and helps bring in  new clients, both for services and products.

My services are my Melbourne live music concerts and Melbourne guitar learning.  My products are my music books el arreglo un puzzle de expresión musical  and Thomas Lorenzo CDs

Above all, when I am able to what I want, with who I want and deliver to the audience,  what I want, I get the crave to be in a constant creative mind frame. I therefore compose and explore the full range of my emotional imagination.

The concerts are the testing ground to build on what works and throw away what does not.

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Why is the choice of space so important ?

When I perform in festivals, (sharing the stage with other musicians and acts) I  am never able to have the proper sound setup I require, so I cannot transmit to the audience the full potential of my music.  My  productions allow for sufficient time to achieve the desired sound reinforcement.

The choice of venue also allows me to also select the most adequate acoustic setting, where the music requires minimum amplification and the acoustics of the venue will do the rest. Concert halls allow for this natural amplification, but most stages do not.

I also like to schedule my concerts as a stand alone event and not as part of a variety of acts. This contributes to creating an effective brand.

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