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My Happy Place – Jumbullah – Mt Kembla

The Grandfather Mountain

I love walking on this mountain. This composition reflects the feeling of my happy place in Dharawal Country: the top of the Grandfather Mountain, Jumbullah, also known in English as Mt Kembla, located near Wollongong in Illawarra

An Invigorating Experience

Two male kangaroos flanked the dog in my dream and since then my judgment has become more gentle. Read More

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To the Top

One morning, I woke up eager to discover new music in nature. I looked around from Corrimal Beach and saw the Grandfather Mountain, Mt. Kembla, and thought to myself, ‘Yes, I need to walk to the top there.’

I climbed the mountain and ventured off the track, exploring hidden rocks and the rainforest, while listening to the lyrebirds and other creatures of the bush.

It was a refreshing experience, but I also brought home some unwanted guests – my arch-enemy, the leech. Luckily, the pharmacist knows what to give me to prevent infection since I have a strong allergic reaction to them.

Once recovered, I returned to the mountain because I was fascinated by what I had seen. I could feel the mountain protecting the Grandmother Mountain, Geera, from the South, and I could also see the lush valleys to the north. It’s an invigorating bush

My Dream

I needed to digest all that I had seen and had a dream where I was walking on the mountain with my Aboriginal friend who was advising me on what I could or couldn’t do, and my dog, which represents the kind-hearted part of me that says ‘yes’ to everyone to keep them happy.

Suddenly, two big male kangaroos flanked us and chased off my dog. I looked ahead, and I could see a mob of kangaroos. I raced towards them alone.

I woke up feeling a sense of liberation, realizing that I could be my true self up there and not have to heed anyone’s advice. I could run around and play freely, as long as I left behind my super ego and aggressive negative judgments.

So I heard this song

So I heard this song which took me a while to write and understand how to play. In this case I had to learn to feel good about what I was doing without judgment, without thinking and accepting imperfect sounds, rhythms and a more anarchic approach to existence. I fell blessed by the humble experience of sitting in nature, of course in places that inspire me, and simply listening to what surrounds me until I start hearing a song. Once I hear it I must say it does take hundred of hours until I get it right and form part of my Nature Music Series and Spanish Guitar compositions

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