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Yesterday ( Mc Cartney, Lennon)

New Cd Single Release Flamenco Jazz Guitar Yesterday Studio Version take 2

I recently have released a live version of this song composed by Paul Mc Cartney and John Lennon.  However,  I have also decided to release a new studio version, where the guitar is the solo instrument. Please enjoy and download.

New Cd Single Release Flamenco Jazz Guitar Yesterday

This guitar version was recorded in Barcelona, last September 2016, while I was enjoying my musical retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees. Surrounded by soaring peaks, endless gullies and waterways, I was truly inspired, not only to produce this version , but also to compose most of the guitar tracks I will be releasing during this new year.

New Releases

Please stay tuned for upcoming releases with Spanish traditional and contemporary compositions. I will also have the pleasure of streaming new tracks based upon the electric guitar. I believe the virtue of the electric guitar to be that of its lyrical character.  The electric guitar can have much more sustain than a nylon string guitar,  therefore enforcing its rhythmic character with a vocal  like texture .

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

On March 8, at 8 pm, I  Thomas Lorenzo, will be holding a major Melbourne concert, Flamenco Jazz Guitar,  at the Paris Cat jazz Club. 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne, VIC, 3000. Tickets $25 I will have alongside me my favourite bass player: Ben Robertson. Please join us. Let´s celebrate together music that comes alive from our hearts.

More info on

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

All guitar groups will be performing on March 11 at our yearly musical barbecue. We are currently not accepting any more past students in these ensembles as we all have the repertoire finalised and ready for the show. I wish to thank you all for your support in this years Melbourne Creative Guitar School guitar concert.

Libros de Música

In an arrangement, we have up to three listening planes. In a general sense, the most upfront area in relation to the listener is the melody. At the far background, we will have the rhythm, and in the middle we will have all the counter lines. Learn how to enhance these three listening areas, and take your arrangement to the most expressive level possible.  My text book , that covers all the previous topics and much more, El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical,  is in the Spanish language. You may purchase this book through this link under the category of:  “libros de música arreglos y orquestación”.



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