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The Creation of Waratah Bay- GunaiKurnai Country- Gippsland Victoria

The Creation of Waratah Bay

This composition is the closing theme of my musical suite (non indigenous music) based upon the GunaiKurnai dreaming story, the Creation of Waratah Bay in Gippsland Victoria, Australia. I was taught this story by the Custodian Story Teller Wayne Thorpe. Part of my series on Nature Music 


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The Creation of Waratah Bay Gippsland Victoria GunaiKurnai Country
The Composition, The Journey

This composition is divided in three sections which musically narrate how nature finds its balance.

This first segment describes the ways things were in the beginning when there were no wars and every living creature spoke the same language.

The second part represents the change that occurs due to the cheekiness of a young student. There was misunderstanding that led to conflict. The conflict was stopped by the Bush Spirits that introduced language as the means to restore peace .

The last segment represents hope as the balance is restored as guided by the bush spirits. The consequence of the balance is what today we know as Waratah Bay, near Wilson´s prom in Easte Gippsland.

Please follow this link if would like to read more about the story also known as Woorayil and Tiddalik and see it played in different parts of Tarra Bulga National Park and Waratah bay in Gippsland.

I do not Walk Alone

Once again Aboriginal lore has the magical link I require to continue walking through this forest and lands and fall asleep knowing I do not walk alone and many others dream in their own manner of the music of the bush.

Tower of Babel

The Bush Spirits gave the totem people language to stop the fighting. This made me think about the book of Genesis 11:1–9  and the tower of Babel.

This story predates the bible but the values are similar. Maybe no one really holds the truth but the truth is universal

I wonder if all knowledge of existence simply lies around us and all we can do is discover it. Maybe the trees and the birds have already learnt the right lesson and we still have to learn to do things the right way.


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