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Barcelona Concerts 2015 Spain

Barcelona Concerts 2015 in Barcelona Spain

This last January, 2015, I was invited to perform back in Barcelona, Spain. This city has been my hometown for the last 34 years. At present I live in Melbourne, Vic, Australia.

Thomas Lorenzo
Composer, guitarist, producer. Creator of the  Mediterranean Guitar Style. Musicians as: Albert Bover, Pepe Motos, Allan Zavod (Zappa), Jeremy Alsop (Men at Work), Alphonso Johnson, Walfredo Reyes, Bruce Sugar (Ringo Star), collaborate in his productions.

Johnny Branchizio

The Guitar Chameleon. He has performed with Tony Scott, Tom Waits, Boney M, Amparanoia, Mimi Maura. Film composer of the movie Sensaciones and producer of Spanish artists as Roger Whipp .

In 2006 he produces his first solo album «Italian Standards»

Here we have some pictures that immortalize our performances at the following venues in Barcelona.

 Jan 14, 2015, 9:00 p.m,  at the Sala Fenix ,  Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Concerts 2015 Sala Fenix

Sat, Jan 17, 2015 8:00 pm at the  Sindicat del Vi, Barcelona, ES

Barcelona Concerts 2015 sinicat-del-vi Thomas Lorenzo

Mon , Jan 19, 2015,  8:00 p.m  at the  Campari Milano Cocktail Bar Barcelona, ES

campari-milano Barcelona Concerts 2015 Thomas Lorenzo

The tour was a smashing success with full houses at all venues.

What is jazz for me?

Jazz is a language where musicians can find their personal space for self expression.  Contemporary Jazz  musicians need not fit into any styles or categories. Jazz is an open space for expression and that should be our only goal, to express with others.

My music production services reflect upon this philosophy.  I believe that only through live interaction can new music be created. When I interact with others, I need to share and compromise my music to accomodate and enhance the values of my band member. As a consequence, I feel and hear each musicinas´s individuality enhanced and incredible music can be created.

I will be back in Melbourne in February and I am looking forward to my next series of Melbourne Concerts 2015.   

I will start my guitar lessons services on February 1. For further information please contact me.





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