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Barcelona Concerts

Barcelona Concerts

I am looking forward to a full month of touring, guitar recordings, family, a lot of more family, friends, good food and good old fashion Spanish service.

Thomas-Lorenzo-in-Barcelona.Spain is a country of great joy,  but when it comes to work; happiness can go away. It is a country where it is difficult to fulfil personal goals that reflect uniqueness. You may generally end up working in what you can; if you are not extremely passionate about what you do.

We are still fortunate in Australia  to be able to follow our dreams. I believe dreams should be social; as what we do in life must involve others and love.

Musicians in Spain, on the other hand, are of the passionate kind, and creativity thrives.  In Barcelona there is a lot of music; reflection of world urban cultures. The Creative Jazz Scene is vibrant and the crossover into traditional music with contemporary sounds, is on the rise.

Barcelona is a vibrant tourist attraction; they come to enjoy the culture. However, this culture is a reflection of the past tradition. We need to heavily support upcoming contemporary culture; which will be our future attraction. Barcelona is my love but so is Australia.

Upcoming concerts

I am happy to announce my next schedule of Melbourne concerts. I will be producing my next series of Flamenco Spanish Guitar recitals  on the last Friday of each month, starting July, until November.  Please sign up to my newsletter for updates on all upcoming major and minor concerts in Melbourne , Sydney and abroad.

Upcoming Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

I will be commencing all my guitar courses, at my Melbourne, Sydney Creative Guitar School, on May 3.  There are three slots left for level one and two for level two. Please send me an email for learn about specific dates and times.

Flamenco Guitars for sale

Only a few days left, and I will be able to enjoy my newly refurbished Flamenco Guitar: Hermanos Conde 2000. I will bring it back to Melbourne in a few weeks ,and add it my my personal Collection of flamenco guitars for sale.

Libros de música arreglos y orquestación

My text book on arranging, “Libros de Música  y Orquestación , El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical”, will be featured for sale at the, ” Feria del Libro” of ” San Jordi” in Barcelona. Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia, and on this day we celebrate such by giving books and roses  to loved ones.

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