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Barcelona Recording sessions

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1. Barcelona Recording sessions

Barcelona Recording Sessions

It has been an inspiring month in the Catalan Pyrenees, composing songs for my new album.

Barcelona Recordings Sessions

I cannot help to compare this stay with my life back In Australia.  I have lived in Barcelona for 32 years and in Australia for 20 years.

My compositions are a reflection of both worlds. What makes up each of my worlds are the people, their social values and nature.  Deep down, all humans are alike in love and hate. We all have desires and goals, consequence of our need of love.  How we express our needs, does vary in one society or another. In Spain, it is more ok to show your feelings than in Australian society.

Australia or Spain

Australia is very multicultural society. We are a young country, full of immigrants from all over the planet. We also have music from all over the world, soon to become the seed for more Australian tradition. Spain is  more of a mono cultural society; One race and religion.  There fore, diversity, in comparison, is less.

Australians are proud of their country. We are curious about cultures and are very well educated to contemplate the beauty of expression. Spaniards are less proud of their country and are very open to sincere feelings being expressed.

The main difference I see, for all music between countries, is that in Australia, we do not judge the work of others but encourage it. In Spain we judge and do not encourage it .

Australia is my choice of a country, for musical creation to be understood and accepted. Spain is my choice, for music to come alive inside of me.

Barcelona Recording session

In the next weeks, I will be recording Spanish guitar and flamenco percussion on 5 tracks of my new album . I have the honour of working alongside Pepe Motos.

Barcelona Recording sessions

José Motos Pérez (right) was born in Madrid in 1970.  Son of the acclaimed flamenco guitarist, Pepe Motos ( Carmen Amaya)  and the  bailaora, Mila de Vargas ( Ballet Nacional de España). He has extensively worked alongside artists as:  Sara Baras, Tomatito and  Chano Domínguez. Artists  as Mayte Martín, Diego Carrasco and  El Kejío, collaborate on his solo albums.

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