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Marketing Selling Points

  1. Authentic Flamenco Spanish guitar by a Maestro, and Spanish Immigrant.
  2. An Australian Story.
  3. An artist with extensive track record of albums,single releases, International Music recognitions and awards.
  4. A unique opportunity to hear and enjoy authentic Spanish Music from the 1950s
  5. 3 years of reviews of successful past shows.

Online Marketing

A summary of 3 years of monthly concert promotions from google analytics, face book pixels, and you tube and personal selling.

Who attends and why?

In summary:  The selected demographics attend because the show is a refreshing cultural experience.

In detail:

  1. Guitar enthusiasts enjoy the Virtuoso Maestro pouring out music through his guitar.
  2. Spanish Culture lovers relive their past adventures, or future dreams.
  3. The audience learns what flamenco is, its origin and other forms of Spanish Music.
  4. They engage on an emotional journey that produces great pleasure, calmness and hope.
  5. It is easy to listen to and to understand , as the genres are  that  of popular music, and not sophisticated 21st century flamenco.

What do they look for online ?

Arts and Entertainment, Concerts, Things to do


The age groups that most engage in all promotional material are users in the range 25 -34, but  the undefined age group is of same importance.  Men 70% and Women 30%.

When do they most engage?

  • You tube video every day after 10 pm.
  • Adwords text  8 am to 3 pm Wednesdays.
  • Face Book between 7 and 9 pm all days of the week

Personal selling: Language groups, arts groups, hobbies groups





Poster examples

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