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Melbourne Live Spanish Acoustic Guitar Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Live Spanish Acoustic Guitar Thomas Lorenzo

Thomas Lorenzo.  Composer, Producer, Guitarist

A reflection of Contemporary Spanish Culture. A unique cultural form of expression. Frankston Performance Centre this year.

Performers include acoustic guitar students from my Creative Guitar School in  Melbourne.

My Spanish Guitar compositions reflect upon human values that allow us to bond in  harmony. They are all consequence of  how I have lived my life in Spain as an Australian Immigrant during 34 years.

I do not believe music is only about what you can do but it is more about what we can say . Further more a live performance allows music to be shared with the audience where it comes alive, the emotion created is fed back to the musician and hence creating a creative loop of magic.

Melbourne Live Spanish Acoustic Guitar Thomas LorenzoInternet and its virtual world does not allow this interaction. I happily conclude people will need more and more to interact live with good music . Unfortunately good music will soon be hard to come by due to the lack of live training of musicians.

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At my  Creative Guitar School in Melbourne  students learn  how to play the guitar through structures music courses. However, in order to express emotions and feel good about what we accomplish, all guitar students will learn to understand music as a language and how it is  conveyed through the guitar.

The resulting sound and experience may be that of overwhelming well being but  I urge you to be patient in your learning. Frustration can quickly sink in and abort all of much desired goals of feeling further joy in our lives.

Please be welcomed to visit my website or call me. I would love to hear from you and learn about your goals as a musician and as a guitarist here in Melbourne no matter what style of music you wish to purse in the contemporary field of rhythmic based cultural expression.


Please also take a peak at my music production services I offer here in Melbourne.


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