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Tom´s Recording Studio

Fire up your song with a tailored Flamenco Guitar track

Your song deserves to be thoroughly devoured with excitement by your music fans.  Your audience wants you to transport them to the “good feeling world”  with your special creative musical emotions.

Add more emotion to your song, add more groove, more rhythm and more fire. Add a tailored flamenco guitar track. Discover how to make your chords stand out, how to make the groove sweet and powerful at the same time; how beautiful all your melodies will sound.

My services start at $295 for a single track.

One track on a song requires around 4 hours of recording and overdubbing; to get exactly what you deserve. However, songs must be the in the final production stages; where the guitar parts have been defined.

I would suggest that before deciding what you want to do with the guitar, and with the emotion in mind, to get in touch with me. I advise free of charge; as I want your song to be a true reflection of your unique creativity .

Tom´s Recording Studio

Tech Specs

  • I work with all OMF files formats: Protools, Cubase and Logic .
  • I record guitar tracks with the top of the line Apogee Ensemble Audio Interface.
  • You may choose form the artisan flamenco guitar sounds of Ramirez, Conde and Eduardo Durán.
  • You may choose from high end condensor microphones as: Schoebs and Neumann.
  • I deliver tracks in the following formats: 44.1 kHz (CD), 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, or 96 kHz sampling frequencies.
  • Audio formats exports accepted and delivered are: WAV and AIFF.
  • Importe export audio tracks resolution may be at 16 or 24 bit.
  • Delivered tracks are non compressed; are suitable for further digital editing



Music Production

As a music producer, I want to make sure you get guitar tracks that really add value to your song. If a session guitarist asks you the right questions, your song will sound more amazing. Your track will definitely be the one that your fans will play more and download more.

What is the listening plane of the track ?

Before I record any guitar track, as a music producer, I need to understand it´s role in the final mix.  I need to understand how prominent this guitar will have to be. And then,  determine in relation to the other melodic or harmonic instruments present, how to achieve this musical goal.

There are three general listening planes in music. The foreground, where for example, we hear the melody or solos. The background, where we develop contour lines. The rhythmic plane, where we predominantly define the rhythm and groove of the song. It is extremely easy for a music producer to forget that if two harmonic instruments share the same role and plane, the resulting harmonies and timbres tend to fuse, there fore, the resulting sound is obscured.

The mix will require more time to achieve clarity and definitely in a live music situation, this will not be solved. The performers will feel uncomfortable and so will their performances feel, in the same way, to the audience.

Let’s work together to unify the accompaniment. Let´s determine the instrument we want to be hear with clarity. Then, how to achieve this goal,  without the need of much signal processing. Please send me your song. Let´s have a chat about what you need to get you the most powerful guitar tracks you deserve for your special songs .

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