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Melbourne Rumba Music

Volando Voy,Volando Vengo Melbourne Rumba Music

Well it´s been almost a few months since we started but please allow me to share with you  our latest track from the Rumba Kings: Jarrod Rojo and Thomas Lorenzo.

Click on the following link.

Jarrod Rojo former member of The Rumba from Melbourne delivers a high power live performance. Also, please see us live at Santa Ana Tapas Bar in St Kilda , Melbourne this coming Friday June 28th  at 7.30 pm.

Melbourne Rumba MusicEnjoy the best Spanish Music. Boleros, Tangos, Bulerias, Pop, Rumba. (Ketama, Barbería del Sur, Camarón, Concha Buika, Duquende)

Vocals : Jarrod Rojo. Produced by Thomas Lorenzo.



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