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Upcoming English Edition Music Book Arranging and Orchestration

Arreglos Orquestación
1. Upcoming English Edition Music Book Arranging and Orchestration
2. Arreglos musicales para la bateria
3. Arreglos musicales Orquestación El Bajo
4. Arreglos musicales para piano
5. Como escribir para la guitarra

Upcoming English Edition Music Book Arranging and Orchestration

In September, 2016, I will start the process of producing the English version of my text book: “El arreglo, un puzzle de expresión musical.”

A complete study of arranging and orchestration in Spanish. A contemporary approach to modern trends and styles. Impact voicings, linear writing, latin music, making small bands sound big, string writing, vocal arranging. Making the most of the back ground. Studio recording versus live and much more. I first published this music book on Arranging and Orchestration  in 2005. It´s sales have exceeded initial expectations.

Music book arranging orchestration

I will manage and coordinate the whole production process which will include translation, copy editing, layout and design, and marketing strategies.


Amazon, prints and distributes in Europe, USA and South America. The format of the music book, at present, does not allow for Kindle publishing due to its A4 size. Amazon  prints a book only when a customer orders a unit. This service is known as print on demand therefore, there will be no bulk up-front printing costs and as a consequence, no storage costs.

The cost of shipping can easily be more than the profit made from sales.  There fore, when a customer orders by print on demand, the actual printing will be made closer to the delivery address, therefore reducing drastically transport costs.

I will also develop search engine optimized content for my websites that I base upon relevant key words. As a result, this process involves ongoing weekly blogging, and digital distribution of such, through social media and music related sites as my five sites:

The book comes with audio examples. The reader may download these audio examples through this website.

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