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Music Production Reviews

Music Production Review Tom´s Recording Studio 1

Music Production Reviews by Georgia Brookman ( Singer Songwriter)

“ This is really working for me as my demos are sounding better  than ever and I’m having good feedback from fans.

 I highly recommend this experience to all my songwriting buddies. Thomas is a total gem.”


Music Production Review Tom´s Recording Studio 2

 Gary Wolf ( Trombone)

“Tom´s  a great producer. I showed him my charts and he pointed out corrections to help out with a balanced sound and tuning. 

He demonstrated outlines and guided revisions toward more impact voicings.

Our band is comprised of three trombones and it is hard to define harmony with tension and be lyrical. Tom solved the issue. “

Music Production Review Tom´s Recording Studio 3

 Mauri Aura Recording Studios

“ It is so helpful for a songwriter to be able to record a tune and have Tom bombard him with advice to  improve the sound and song. Tom´s  has been working at over a dozen albums with me using my large studio for recording drums and brass sections. He loves to draw out the acoustic sound in all tracks keeping compression and eq to the minimum. Songwriters are extremely happy when they walk out with the finished song.”

Music Production Review Tom´s Recording Studio 4

Music Production reviews by Maria Lara ( Absim)

“Tom is really a magician as well as a musician. It’s amazing to watch him turn harsh into gold!”

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