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Music Songwriting Production Studio

Your song is my business

Together, we will craft your musical masterpiece into a professional sound recording.

What are the typical problems I hear from unhappy songwriters and their recordings.

  • Wrong choice of chords
  • No climax
  • Wrong vocal register
  • Too much compression
  • Poor interpretations
  • Too little, or too much variety
  • The backing vocals do not sound right
  • Too many instruments playing chords
  • Sounds like any other song, no uniqueness
  • Boring 

The Solution

The musical idea that you imagine is your masterpiece. However,  you need to choose the right chords, notes, sounds, groove and structure, to produce the sound recording, that you and others will intensely enjoy.

I will guide you, and as we finally record your song, you will hear and feel exactly what you had originally imagined or intended.  

4 Simple Steps to get started right away!

From $295

It's easy!

Send me your completed song, describe what your song is about, send me the lyrics.


Let’s Chat

Contact Thomas using the online form or give him a call +61448348701


Produce musical draft, production schedule & quote.


Make Payment


The final recorded version is delivered & Master Ready

Selection of Musical Objectives

My objective is to help your song be more expressive by reinforcing its melodic, harmonic or rhythmic virtues.

This may include suggestions as:

How we interchange files

I work on a daily basis for clients all over the world using the inter-webs, with OMF to have access to the individual tracks of the production. Therefore, I can choose what tracks to listen to, so as to determine what I will play and how.

I really do not need all the individual tracks, but around 4 to 6 with a rough mix of the sections. I suggest using my cloud storage, so I may access the files and open them up with my software. If possible, we may also have real time feedback-and interacting during the recording process.

There is always a delay on the net; so I will download tracks from my cloud storage to my hardware and sync with my software.

Album Credits Equipment that I use

How do I budget the songwriting production

Once you have sent me the song and we have discussed what you need, I will forward my initial draft.  This draft might require you to do some of the development.

When we have the song ready for the final songwriting production, I will forward a 15 second draft of the final idea. I will budget in accordance with the amount of tracks, and work that you require. I will always suggest what I believe will work best, how to enhance what you already have tracked; in other words how to make your song unique .

As a reference point, if I only have to lay down one guitar track, my price will be $295 which includes also the inital assement and draft.


Before accepting any work, we must discuss your needs.  I will then propose a short sample of work that I will deliver as a session guitarist or musician.

Once accepted the songwriting production, I will require full payment by PayPal,  or Electronic Funds Transfer before starting the recording of the final tracks. I accept EFT payments in most major currencies. During the process, we will maintain discussion upon goals set forth in our pre-production stage.

Listen to some examples of before and after our songwriting production work

The feeling you wish to reflect will always be our only target.

Are you ready to get started?

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Before and After Summary

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