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New World Guitar Music

Exciting times. Exciting New World Guitar Music.

I am feeling very excited about all my recent new world guitar music releases and upcoming new releases. When I perform them, I just love  their flow of  groove, harmonic textures, acoustic and electric guitar sounds, the contrast between traditional and contemporary settings and the underlining fabrics of constant creativity.

All in all,  my new guitar music represents what I love to share with you: My joy of life and understanding of what brings us all together.  I believe it can be great fun to bond with others. I enjoy bonding through this magnificent language called music,  this gift bestowed upon us.

Please enjoy my new release and stay tuned for my upcoming releases. Please purchase, and contribute to the celebration of music from the heart.

Upcoming Events Melbourne Concerts

At present I am echoing only two of my major Melbourne events, as I will be flying back to Barcelona, Spain,  in April for my Spanish spring tour.

  • On March 8 at  8pm,  I will be performing at the Melbourne Paris Cat Jazz Club. Ben Robertson will accompany me on bass. Show starts at 8pm.
  • On March 9 at 7 pm, I will be performing Flamenco Guitar and Spanish music for the Whitehorse City Council. Swing Pop Boom Moonlight Movie Night, Morak Golf Course, Vermont South, Vic 3133.

Libros de Música.

EL Arreglo Un  Puzzle de Expresión Musical. In each post,  I like to echo the availability of my text book in the Spanish language on Arranging and Orchestration. The primary focus of this “libros de música” is to create awareness in all musicians about the creative explosion that can come alive in your music, when you have control of the tools that create emotional impact. These tools have to be fully understood  in a logical and emotional manner. The book is available for purchase and download.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

Due to the high demand of students,  new courses have opened up on Thursdays at 6 pm.  I am also accepting submissions for all upcoming new courses that are scheduled to commence in May 2017.  Guitar courses are 10 weeks in duration and are focused upon completion of the levels. You may learn about the six guitar levels at my Sydney Melbourne  Creative Guitar School website.

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