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Song Submissions

TL Music supports and produces emerging talent whose music is a reflection of individual uniqueness and of the utmost creativity.

Song Submissions – Guidelines

  • Please send only solicited material. Please get in touch (view contact form) before sending your tracks.
  • In your email include a short bio.
  • Do not send songs as attachments. Submit your music via a link to a cloud storage as: band camp, sound cloud, dropbox or similar.
  •  Submit only finalised songs.
  • I will review your music and get back to you in 48 hours.

How to write a song Part 1: Preparation and Inspiration

So you are inspired! What comes next ?
Industry News

Who is making money from music royalties

How can a songwriter or composer get a profitable cut of these deals that are outlined in this BMI article? The following breakdown of the yearly revenue of $943 million indicates that music composing income is growing as a consequence of its use as a background to visuals, games, apps, gyms, restaurants and similar.

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