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Songful Live acoustic cover band Music duo for Weddings and Cocktail Hour

Melbourne Live  Acoustic Cover Band: Duo 

Artist Insights

Creative Crunchy Revival
Soul Jazz Pop Blues and More

Is Songful a Melbourne Cover Band   ?

Christina shares hers insights as a creative artist composer and performer of a very special live acoustic cover band.

“When I think of the term “cover band”, the scene that comes to mind is a loud smokey bar with plenty of dancing people and beer flowing like a river into the ocean. That, or a cruise ship full of dancing people to Dancing Queen.. and beer flowing into the ocean that the ship is on!

These are, of course, generalisations as we know that live cover bands for hire come in many forms, including our acoustic duo here in Melbourne´s music scene.

Full bands are fantastic but there’s something I personally like about performances that involve an acoustic spanish guitar and vocals. Just that. There’s enough space in the music to allow both elements and artists to shine in their own right. They compliment each other perfectly and allow for more of an intimate feel.

That’s what I think we achieve with Songful our live acoustic cover band. Our performances are helped immensely by the songs we choose to cover because quite simply, it’s beautiful music written with honest sentiment. We cover and reinterpret songs that we’ve enjoyed listening to for many years so it’s never forced. It always comes from a place of reminiscence and love. ”

Thomas shares his insights as a creative artist composer and performer.

Songful is an Acoustic duo, a live acoustic cover band that engages in creativity and uniqueness with music composed by others. We do not imitate. we innovate, create and revive feelings with music composed by others.

We do not believe music should entertain the audience passively as in a movie. Music is a social activity. Only when a dialogue is established between the audience and the performer does magic ever happen..This takes time and talent. Talent would be the art of engaging the others in common sentiment.”

Christina del Mundo shares her insights on one of her favorite artists and songs.

It’s Too Late by Carole King is one of those songs that we all know and can sing to. Even if it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, we all recognise the song when the funky bass line comes in.. You know the one I’m talking about! It would have to be one of Carole’s most popular compositions and because of that, we’ve chosen to cover this song as part of our Melbourne live acoustic cover band  Songful.

Thomas uses electric guitar in this track and transforms the song from a piano-based pop ballad to a bluesy/dirty funky track! Thomas normally plays Spanish guitar but thought a dirtier sound might be better for this particular song, rather than a clean acoustic sound

In terms of vocals I’m pretty happy with the vocals too – it’s a bit of a stretch for me since I normally sing more, I guess, mellow music but it’s always good to get out of our comfort zone, isn’t it? I think the best performances are the ones where you just let yourself go with the music, wherever it wants to take you, and we are no exception to this rule.

We play our best as an  live acoustic cover band in a  duo format. This way we can feel the music and work together to make something that other people also feel. It’s Too Late is actually a pretty sad song but we put a funky spin on it so it makes people want to groove instead of be sad. That’s how we feel when we perform it here in Melbourne or anywhere else.”

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Please feel free to give us a call on 0448348701 and let us know about your special event. Wedding Ceremony, Reception, or Party.  Songful, our live acoustic cover band would love to give you a detailed quote and propose the most adequate repertoire for you.


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