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Spanish Guitar

Spanish Guitar

I believe the nylon string guitar to be the most expressive of the guitar family.  We all adore its lyrical quality and above all its extreme rhythmic power. I have always embraced these virtues and composed music on a manner to reflect upon them .

The Spanish guitar can be a stand alone instrument with little need of accompaniment, to bring forward a full ensemble nature. This virtue defines how we play melody and harmony  in a flamenco style.

I have learnt from the flamenco style, to focus in a monophonic manner, on what I am performing. If I play the melody , I make sure that it comes through with clarity, if I wish to answer the melody, I also make sure that these lines are clearly expressed. I may use, or not use harmony to reinforce them.

Upcoming releases

I would like to invite you to listen to my latest flamenco guitar release that focuses on this principal I have just explained.

Melbourne Concerts

Thomas Lorenzo´s next major Melbourne flamenco jazz concert will be at the Paris Cat Jazz Club on March 8 at 8pm, 2017,  6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000. Tickets $25. I will have the pleasure of performing alongside Ben Robertson on bass. Please join us for an evening of creativity, amongst fellow music lovers and seekers of new emotions

Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School

My guitar school is now its fourth year of operation, since I arrived back in Australia. I wish to say thank you for all the hundreds of students that have coursed guitar studies and have embraced the guitar, as a means of creative expression in their lives.

El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresion musical.

In 1997 , I was commissioned by the SGAE to write a text book an orchestration and arranging. The objective was  to aid contemporary music students and professionals in their music productions. This book is available for purchase, internationally, through the Amazon Network: Libros de Música, El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expresion Musical.

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