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Dos Gardenias Para Ti

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz Guitar Releases

This is my latest release: Dos gardenias, composed by Isolina Carrillo.

I have arranged this composition enhancing its minor harmonic quality, utilising chords from the melodic minor mode and reharmonizing with modal interchange. The lyrics of this song refer to the possible pain of treason.

The character and timbre of the Spanish guitar is ideal to portray the beauty of love. I just adore the Spanish guitar and it’s rhythmic attributes in a flamenco style, to further deliver to the audience, a deeper understanding of what I feel when love withers away. I have chosen for this recording, my flamenco handmade guitar from Granada, Spain. Eduardo Duran.

Melbourne concerts and events

I’m happy to announce my next series of Melbourne concerts, to be held at the Armadale Uniting Church.

Book Full Melbourne Concerts: Thomas Lorenzo  2017

Please join us and allow me to share with you, the premiere of my latest album: Australian FlameJazz. The musicians, and the audience will immerse in a Celebration of music from the heart where our passionate dynamics and constant inventions will definitely regenerate and replenish all our souls.

Upcoming Melbourne Guitar Courses

I have just scheduled new guitar courses to begin the second week of June. They will be held onThursday evenings between 6 and 9 p.m. Join us; share your uniqueness your passion; ignite your talent,

Hire a guitarist and get custom tracks

Deliver your song to the publisher and stand out from others. Enhance the carrying power of your unique song with lyrical and rhythmic flamenco guitar. Your composition will definitely shine. Call me, let’s listen to your song. I would love to understand the feelings you are portraying , and will  further enhance them with select flamenco guitar tracks.


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