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Upcoming 2016 Melbourne Concerts

Upcoming 2016  Melbourne Concerts

I arrived back in Australia from Spain in 2012. Over the last 4 years I have performed in over a thousand music related events. I have performed alongside Australian musicians that have added a dose of beauty to every note I have performed: Jordan Murray ( Trombone), Ben Robertson ( Upright Bass), Tamara Murphy ( Upright bass), Frank di Sario ( Upright Bass), Jeremy Alsop ( Bass), Darryn Farrugia ( Drums), Soure Chakrein ( Percussion) , Christina del Mundo ( Vocals), Fran o Neil ( Vocals), Juan Martinez( Guitar), Alejandro Espino ( Guitar), Sam Evans ( Tablas), Steve Falk ( Percussion). Thanks to all of you.

The next couple of months will be performance wise busy with corporate events, festivals, private shows and my major concert.


These are the most important dates of my upcoming 2016  Melbourne Concerts:

  • August 18, NAB, 500 Bourke street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
  • August 19, National Art Gallery of Victoria, 80 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006
  • July 22, 29, August 5, 12, European Night Market, Madame Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • August 26, Armadale Uniting Church, 86A Kooyong Rd, Armadale VIC 3143

My major concert, where I am performing alongside Tamara Murphy, will be on August 26th. Please visit this link for further information and tickets.


The church allows for an intimate concert setting . I have been producing these concerts during the last two years . They allow me to deliver to the audience my most profound musical expression in jazz and flamenco guitar. My compositions and arrangements focus on delivering to the audience an explosion of harmonious melodies on top of a foundation of tantric rhythms and grooves. I consider it a delight to my senses. Please take a peak at my latest Melbourne Concert reviews.

Spain, recordings. travel

I am scheduled to travel back to Spain for 6 weeks in September . I will be spending time in the mountains of Leon, in the northern part of Spain. It is a beautiful region of high mountain peaks, rivers , grassy fields, bears and wolves. During the period, is also when some of the major festivities are held,  with traditional music dating back from 1800. My parents live in this region most of the year. We have a house that dates back officially from the 12 century and possibly with sections from the 2nd century. This house originally was a Romanic Church with an entrance and arches that may date from Roman period.

I will use my free time to finish my guitar compositions in flamenco and jazz and record them alongside artists as Pepe Motos ( Sarah Baras) in Barcelona. My new CD will be made of 12 singles previously released over the year.

Arranging and Orquestration

I am also currently translating my text book on arranging and orchestration into English. My publishing company is in Spain and this month will also prove vital,  to make sure work progresses swiftly, to ensure the release of the new book by 2018.

For updates on new guitar courses levels and lessons, please follow this link .


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