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Guitar Music Classified by Emotions

As a musician, I compose and perform on the guitar, to express feelings, in a manner where the audience can engage with what I deliver to them. I deliver these feelings packaged into a series of musical cues, that we all have learnt to define as styles.

Musical styles create common grounds for musicians and audience to interact within. They also satisfy desirable expectation, and contribute to feeling good about what we play and hear. As a consequence, we all tend to classify music into objective categories, that we all can more or less relate to.

However, when I compose, perform or arrange, most of the times, the style is only the consequence of the emotion I need to express. I therefore, create this page to classify my music into feelings, that the guitar compositions and my interoperation of such, describe.

Guitar Music and Feelings

When I perform , I tend to focus on the feeling I choose to portray. As a result, when I improvise I choose the most adequate harmonic or melodic lines, that are in sync with the desired emotion.

Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Folk, World, Pop, Reggae, Electronic Music, Ambience; are  styles that no longer reflect a specific geographic location. They are colours that we can choose to decorate our music with.

I would like to invite you to listen to my guitar music; Acoustic, Spanish, Electric. Also, I would like to invite you to listen to the style I use. But above all, I would like you, to reflect upon the feelings I am conveying. Please relate to the feeling, let it generate a mental image for you, and let the music  turn that mental image into your own personal movie .

These are the categories I classify my guitar music with:

  • Cheeky
  • Sad
  • Procrastination
  • Soothing
  • Tension
  • Uplifting
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