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Session Guitarist Musician- Melbourne Australia

Record and Recreate

Thomas Lorenzo |  Session Guitarist Musician- Melbourne Australia

Electric, Acoustic and Spanish guitarist for hire  A pro session guitarist and musician that transform your songs into a passionate listening experience. I am also an arranger, and I treat all my guitar parts in all my music productions and sessions, as a professional arranger must do.

Before I undergo any session, I offer a free consultation to propose what I believe should be done; to make sure your music shines with your own choice of expression.

Listening Planes in Music Production

In all music there are different listening planes; that is, we will always hear the vocals up front,  and what occurs in the background,  can be heard louder or softer.  Louder and softer must not be a consequence of volume, but a consequence of playing in a manner , where all guitar parts will project without the need of adjusting volumes. All great guitarists create guitar parts that stand out, and make songs become memorable.

As a session musician and guitarist, I  will propose ways of creating outstanding guitar lines that groove with your composition. My relationship with the artist goes beyond the normal, just laying down the guitar track , as I want to make sure the song gets the best it deserves.

The Recording Process

I will add my creative sound and timbre, in relation to the style and based upon your needs.  Once you have sent me the song and we have discussed what you need, I will forward my initial tracks in 24 hours. At this stage we will discuss the final sound, make some tweaks, and then I can forward the final track for you to mix to your music production.

I will budget in accordance with the amount of tracks that you require. I will always suggest what I believe will work best, what I should play, where I should not play, how to enhance what you already have tracked; in other words how to make your song unique .

Type of Guitar

I choose the guitar timbre based upon the style and the required expressiveness of your composition.  You may choose from: Flamenco Spanish Guitar , Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitars.

These are some of the guitars I use in my session work :

Spanish Flamenco Guitars 

  • Ramirez 1962: The best classical guitar sound.
  • Hermanos  Conde  2005: The most unique percussive Flamenco attack.
  • Eduardo Durán Flamenco Concert 2011: The  Authentic Flamenco Concert Guitar Sound.

Electric Guitars

  • Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughn; The fat hard driven Stevie Ray Vaughn Sound.
  • PRS 1989 Special Edition,   2 singe coils and hum bucker: For the most expressive Santana type sustained sound.

Acoustic  Guitars 

My preferred and versatile choice for sustained sounds and crunchy groove is the Taylor K24CE.


I choose Mesa Boogie Stereo Pre Amp, for clean, warm, smooth rhythm sounds; a screaming, vicious lead voice, and pre and post tube gain control to produce all in-between timbres.

However,  if I need the extra punch, and extra power tube overdrive, I add to the Mesa Boogie Stereo Preamp, in my music productions as a session guitarist,  the  Mesa 50/50 stereo amplifier.


I output all amplified guitar signals to my Mesa Boogie cabinets fitted with 1989 Celestion Black Shadow Speakers. They provide a tight and controlled low-end, with strong high bass, a low mid  frequency punch and a very aggressive mid range attack. The highs just scream.

Music Production Menu

Outboard gear

  • Apogee Ensemble IO Conversion
  • AMS Neve 1073N Mono Mic Pre, EQ
  • Eventide H3000 D/SE
  • TC Electronic G-Major 2
  • Korg A1


  • Shure SM57
  • AKG 414 B-XL II
  • Schoebs
  • Shure 57, 58
  • Electrovoice RE20
  • Sennheiser MD421 II

Recording and Mixing Studio Design. Please follow this link

Session musician and Guitarist on the web

I work on a daily basis for clients all over the world using the inter-webs, with  OMF files formats that are compatible and read by  Protools, Cubase and Logic. I prefer, when I record as a session guitarist and musician from my studio, to have access to the individual tracks of the production. Therefore,  I can choose what tracks to listen to, so as to determine what I will play and how.

I really do not need all the individual tracks,  but around 4 to 6 with a rough mix of the sections. I suggest using my cloud storage, so I may access the files and open them up with my software. If possible, we may also have real time feedback-and interacting during the recording process.

There is always a delay on the net; so I will download from my cloud storage tracks to my hardware and sync with my software.

Final Tracks

  • I can deliver tracks in the following formats: 44.1 kHz (CD), 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, or 92 kHz
  • Audio formats exports I accept or deliver are: WAV and AIFF.
  • Imported export audio tracks resolution may be at 16 or 24 bit.
  • I deliver all tracks non compressed,  which are the best suitable for further digital editing.

Payment Methods

As I have written previously,  before accepting any work, we must discuss your needs.  I will  then propose a short sample of work that I will deliver as a session guitarist or musician.

Once accepted, I will require full payment by Pay Pal,  or Electronic Funds Transfer, before starting the recording of the final tracks. I accept ETF payments in most major currencies. During the process, we will maintain discussion upon goals set forth in our pre production stage .


My album credits as a session guitarist and musician include over 53 singles, 12 Cds , films and Tv shows.

My major award winning albums include:

  • Spanish Breeze with  Grammy Award Recipients and Nominees: Alphonso Johnson ( Phil Collins, Weather Report, Grateful Dead, Santana ), Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star)  Walfredo Reyes( Santana Chicago) Dave Garfield ( George  Benson).
  • Europe Connection with Grammy award recipient Macaco.

As other highlights of my carrer as Music Producer, session guitarist and musician. Through my company called Barcelona Music, 1998 –Jan 2012, I developed and promoted Mediterranean contemporary culture, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya Government. Meticulously managed the entire production process for numerous CDs including:

  • Europe Connection 4 with Green Lizard, CIRMA, 1998
  • ‘La Musica i la Seva Evolucio’, 1998, BMG (Spanish classical, ethnic)
  • Europe Connection 3 with Grammy award nominee Macaco, CIRMA, 1997
  • Pil Pil by Francesc Capella, Nuba Records, Madrid, 1997 (Mediterranean jazz)
  • Europe Connection 2, CIRMA, 1996
  • ‘La Vida es Marte’ by Nurses, M Clan , DRO Warner Brothers, 1996 (pop rock)
  • Europe Connection 1 with Brother Hood Foundation, CIRMA, 1995
  • Flamenco Street Projects, Streetlife Music, 1995 ( flamenco pop, rock, grunge)
  • Grao Music, ‘Audiciones de música Etnica española’ for first year primary school, 1995 (Spanish ethnic music)
  • Successfully composed and arranged music for film and TV including:
  • Astro TV. La Sexta ( daily national TV show), Spain 2011
  • Fusion Sonora, Telecinco (daily national TV show), Spain 2010
  • Orchestration of ‘10 mas 2’, Lauren Films, 2001, Warner Brothers
  • Bob Sands ( Lionel Hampton) Big Band


All my music production skills applied to the guitar, are included in my online and one to one Guitar Lessons and courses at my Melbourne Creative Guitar School.


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