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Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017 Holy Week in Almazan

Spanish Music Flamenco
1. La Farruca Flamenco Guitar
2. La Guajira Flamenco Spanish Guitar
3. Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017 Holy Week in Almazan
4. Spanish Music León Aragón. La jota and the storks
5. Composing in Spain-Thomas Lorenzo- Modern Spanish Guitar Artist

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017, Holy Week in Almazan, Soria.


Spanish Music Holy Week in Almazan Spain 2017

En la Ribera del  Rio Duero .

Almazan Spain View from River

An inspiring journey through Soria, Spain, on my 2017 guitar tour.  I arrived in Almazán on Good Friday, just in time to celebrate the Friday night Holy Week Procession.

Almazán, in its origin, was the a frontier city between the Christian  and Arab Iberian Kingdoms. Almazán, in arabic means fortified village.

This procession, that takes place on Good Friday, symbolises Christ’s Holy Burial.  It is organised by the :  ” Cofradía del Santo Entierro de nuestro señor Jesucristo”.

It was quite scary  to witness a child carrying a cross, but I am sure he participated with adoration to Jesus Christ.

Traditions in Spain endure beyond political chaos and internet. The most effective way to  face book life is to get together with old mates at the town square, and chat about life, until life makes a decision to end the conversation.

Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017 Face book gossipingOverall, an inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017. Every Spanish village I travel deepens my focus on musical expression that reflects upon life, peacefulnes and tradition.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

I will be back in Melbourne in May. You may follow all my major upcoming events, ABC  television appearances and concerts through the highlighted link.

In June, I will be starting my anual series of Flamenco guitar and world music concerts, at the Armadale Uniting Church. The concerts will be held on the last Friday of each month; also showcasing prominent Australian World Music talent.

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

There are currently,  still available, the following openings for new Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses:

  • Guitar level 2 : Starting May 8 at 7 pm, one space left
  •  Level 3: Starting May 9 at 8 pm one space left
  • Guitar level 1:  Staring May 10 at 6 pm, two spaces left

Flamenco Guitars

I have just had refurbished my Flamenco guitar Hermanos Conde 2007. You are welcomed to book an appointment to try it out: it will be part of my collection of flamenco guitars for sale, that I am currently offering in Melbourne.

El Arreglo un Puzzle de expression Musical.

My text book, in Spanish, ” Libros de música: El Arreglo, un Puzzle de Expresión Musical”,  is about arranging and orchestration.  You can  purchase it  online through the highlighted link.

One of my educational objectives, is to  share with you tools,  that will allow you to  make small ensembles sound like larger ensembles.

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