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Composing in Spain-Thomas Lorenzo- Modern Spanish Guitar Artist

Spanish Music Flamenco
1. La Farruca Flamenco Guitar
2. La Guajira Flamenco Spanish Guitar
3. Inspiring Spain Guitar Tour 2017 Holy Week in Almazan
4. Spanish Music León Aragón. La jota and the storks
5. Composing in Spain-Thomas Lorenzo- Modern Spanish Guitar Artist

Music , Water, composing in Spain, Rio Sil

Music and emotions.  Composing in Spain, Walking in Green and Water, 2018

Water and music

I think most human beings enjoy the sound, the view of flowing water but, from the perspective of a standstill.

I personally feel emotionally refreshed, internally, when I see a creek, a waterfall,  or a river flowing. My worries cool down, the overpowering thoughts of destruction fade to silence. I then, can only hear the flow of internal wishes, needs, desires. That is the perfect moment, when music just starts popping up in my head. The water fall unclutters the doorway and music starts pouring.

I then sit down on the guitar, and start exploring all these sounds that come to my mind. I will then sit for hours, under a tree,  until these sounds I hear, can be translated into music.

That is why I state, that music is simply a language of discovering existence. It is by far beyond the scope of a spoken language, buy lacks the conscious need of understanding,  that we as humans must have. 

In other words,  the waterfall makes me discover something that I see and feel. Through music, I make my perception come alive, and most of the times it feels good. 

The curing power of music

But sometimes music can awaken feelings, emotions, perceptions, that do not feel good at all. From my experience as a Modern Spanish Guitar Artist, we must never dig deep into emotions, but simply observe, reflect and play from a superficial point of view. We need to flow with perception, and emotions, and not stare at a static point; music and life is all about momentum.

Sometimes music will awaken feelings that are unbearable. These will be memories of the past, that have never been understood, accepted, accomplished or fulfilled. 

This is the true curing power of music. As water flows, music can cleanse to allow your internal desire to flow. 

Music, the virtue of love

It has taken me, all my life, struggling through years of extreme anxiety, and 14 years of psychoanalysis to reach the above conclusions.  I do not play, compose, make music, perform and share it with you all,  because I want to. I do such, because I have to feel the virtue of love.

Perfection is the anarchy of imperfection

Music will make you more emotionally intelligent, it does help make life very enjoyable. It will not cure a broken leg, nor old age, memory loss,  hair loss, but you will definitely feel alive, and imperfect, when you flow with it.

A waterfall is perfect or imperfect ? I prefer to state that the constant flow of anarchy, as water sprouts in all directions, with varying quantities, makes the experience perfect. 

Perception is the anarchy of imperfection. Music that is raw as a waterfall, will make you feel alive, and forget the overwhelming thoughts, we impose on ourselves, to block out the simplicity of the purpose of existence.

Music and Mountains

Music and emotions Modern Spanish Guitar Artist
I perceive the mountain as the backbone of mother nature, that tears its way through the crust, to cool down with wind and snow,  from the strenuous work of maintaining the balance of existence.

Thus, I urge to be on the top of this back bone, on top of the world, to absorb and feel the limit of the planet in action. 

I feel no specific need to accomplish a summit, or a final goal in this task, I just want to walk towards the limit of nature, its backbone,  as it makes unnecessary emotions, acts and thoughts just dissipate from my existence.

Have you ever come by someone, or even your self, that is just foolish, un considerate, hurtful to himself or others? The objective of human existence is to look towards an action, goal, and that the outcome is not what you do, but what you get back from the action and others. 

The Caretaker

You plant a seed, you take care of it, you get a plant, you harvest, you eat, you share and the cycle continues, as you plant the leftover seeds again and fertilise it with other leftovers. 

Mountain climbing, roaming through fields, selecting a goal, enjoying the ride,  feeling the accomplishment, makes me want more it in my life. 

Stay focused on your music

Lately, as a musician, as a modern Spanish Guitar artist,  it helps me remove unnecessary practice from my training. Also, it helps me just stay focused on what sounds right, in the most simple manner, and not go exploring pathways that just delay my arrival to the summit. There is only one summit, and the sooner and happier I get there, the sooner I can climb more.

Spain is important for me

As a Modern Spanish Guitar Artist, Spain represents the seed for my prolific creative pathway in my carrer.  Feelings in Spain are generally ferociously expressed,  and I love it.  Music has been around for a long time, and in Spain, it is a reflection of hundreds of years or human interaction with nature, in small geographic regions.

As a consequence, there are very uniques styles. Flamenco alone has over 100 variants and folk music in Spain has over 300 distinct styles . Furthermore, the variety of contemporary urban fusion is mind blowing. Spanish Music, is very alive, imperfect and ready to make you dance. 


This is surprising picture of a dance band from my father’s village, in Leon. The village was poor but in the valley of 10 000 residents, there were over 30 bands, playing continuously in the 40´s.  Music helped tame poverty and misery.   

Music is a very healthy beverage for the soul. In Spain we love to dance, to sing, to enjoy life through music. I was made in Spain, born in Australia and have shared half of my life in both countries. 

But Australia is also extremely important for me as as we are in a country where we are taught, we see everyday, clear pathways to achieve our personal goals. This is the advantage of our country, where we can choose from the best of many worlds.

I am a proud Australian, but I consider myself a Modern Spanish Guitar Artist.

What occurs in Spanish music that we do not see in Australia

As I am always mentioning, music is a reflection of culture. And, the culture is an extension of human interaction. 

In Australia, we tend to interact fairly, we do not express ourselves with extreme passion, we do not dance as much, we have a lot of space to keep calm.  As a consequence, music  created in Australia can be very powerful, but not as emotional, nor stirring of the soul.

In Spain, we are at each others throats constantly, we express ourselves a lot, there fore violence tends to disappear, we dance a lot and clutter in large groups. As a consequence, music is made to make you dance in groups, to have fun, to jump and to stir up all hidden emotions, to let go and start the day refreshe .

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts. What´s new?

I consider myself a Modern Spanish Guitar Artist. My music is a humble reflection of my need to create an escenario, to share my love of existence with you. 

My choice of expression leans me towards the flamenco guitar idiom with a contemporary harmonic and melodic setting.

In my next series of Concerts, to be held in Armadale, Richmond and Melbourne, I will be exploring new compositions and improvised slow looped organic ethnic textures. The audience will also have the opportunity to a special treat of long lost flamenco tradition; Angel Mellado, on vocals, will be performing Cañas, Alegrias, Buleria and Tangos. 

Como and jojn us for an evening of emotional fun. 

You may buy  concert tickets through this link. Take a peek, view and listen to some of my latest Modern Spanish Guitar Artist music releases.  

Through these links you will also be able to get complimentary tickets to My Creative School Concert series to be held this year where all guitar teacher and students share the stage and also their creative output with  music lovers.

Music Productions

I am very pleased with all the latest projects I have worked on in my Recording Studio here in Melbourne. One of my favourite is Majorca, that has a cool groove to it, and is a solid representation of a Modern Spanish guitar artists repertoire. 

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