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Melbourne Guitar Shows

Melbourne Guitar Shows

Thomas Lorenzo and Ben Robertson
Jazz and Flamenco
Celebrating Music from the Heart
March 8, 8 pm at Paris Cat Jazz Club, Melbourne CBD

Whitehorse Swing Pop Boom, Melbourne Guitar Shows

Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz Guitar
Morack Public Golf Course
 Morack Rd & East Road, Vermont South VIC 3133
March 11  at 7 pm

Melbourne Guitar ShowsMelbourne Fashion Festival with Deloitte

Thomas Lorenzo, Flamenco Jazz Guitar at the Melbourne Museum,
March 14 ,  7 pm,

Melbourne is a thriving cultural hub in Australia. I am happy to be part of the Melbourne Guitar Community, sharing with all of you my personal reflection of life through music.

I  wish to express my appraise to all Melbourne event planners, producers and music related companies.  You are a keystone that helps deliver the joy, of  our unique creative Melbourne musical talent, to this city and beyond.

 April, Spain Tour

In April,  I will be heading back to Spain to start my 2017 tour, that will take me through Barcelona, Madrid and northern Spain. Towards the end of the month, I will be locking myself up in Castellbi studios, in Barcelona. Music production time to continue recording my new compositions, alongside Flamenco legends as Jose Motos.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

In July, I will start my yearly concert series at the Armadale Uniting Church. These Melbourne concerts will be held  on the last Friday of each month, at 7 pm,  and starting October,  at 8 pm. The last Concert will be held in November.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

All Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School courses will commence the first week of May. Groups and private lessons are almost fully booked: Level 1 has thee openings, Level 2 has two openings and Level 4, one opening.

Please send an email for further info and to learn about the induction course held this coming week.

Music Theory Books

Libros de música, El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expressión Musical.  A text book written in the Spanish language, that focuses on aiding all  composers and arrangers, with tools to broaden the emotional impact of songs, arrangements, studio and live productions. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Flamenco Guitar for Sale

Flamenco Hermanos Conde guitar, 2007 for sale
Price  $7.300
I bought this guitar in Madrid, back in 2009. Since then, it has aged and matured through all these years of solid playing. I have just had it refurbished. It is in mint condition. Used professional guitars will sound much better that new guitars. Please check it out.

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