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Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar Concert

Concerts 2017
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2. Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar Concert
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4. Melbourne 2017 Guitar Concerts. Live Acoustic Music: Flamenco

Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar Concert

Last Wednesday night, March 14, 2017, 8 pm , I had the pleasure of performing alongside Ben Robertson, at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, located in Melbourne CBD, 6 Goldie Pl, Melbourne VIC ,3000.

Thank you to all the music lovers that came to our Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar concert, to share our intimate musical experience.

In the audience, I could see music lovers of all ages; hungry for new emotions that jazz improvisation can stir in all of us at Melbourne Concerts.

Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar Concert

This month of April I will be touring Spain. I will be back in May to further enjoy performing in Melbourne,  and sharing my music  with all present and future fans.

Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School

I am also very happy to announce that the Guitar Social Club, in our school is becoming a platform for social guitar creativity. Students are getting together, composing, playing and recording with others.

I believe music is the most social language that  humans have created.  Also, it is simple gift  to help enjoy each others company.

Please visit my site for all updates on upcoming courses,  scheduled to start on May 1.

Libros de Musica

Libros de Música Arreglos y Orquestación; I have received various emails this week asking if the book was available for sale through other digital platforms apart from Amazon.  At present, Amazon supplies print in demand service world wide. There fore reducing drastically the cost of transportation. The result is that the book can be printed and picked up at a location near you.

The size of the book is A4, and at present,  cannot be viewed through Kindle.

You tube

Please subscribe to my flamenco jazz guitar you tube channel. I am currently uploading all my tracks, so you may enjoy listening to them on my channel.

Flamenco Guitars for Sale

In May I will have brought back from Spain my Hermanos Conde 2006; fully refurbished. All those interested in flamenco guitars for sale,  and this handcrafted unique masterpiece, please book an appointment to check it out.

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