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Musical guitar climax

Concerts 2017
1. Musical guitar climax
2. Melbourne Jazz Flamenco Guitar Concert
3. Melbourne Spanish Guitar Concert July 2017- Thomas Lorenzo
4. Melbourne 2017 Guitar Concerts. Live Acoustic Music: Flamenco

The art of the musical guitar climax

Last night, March 5,  2017,  I enjoyed one of my favourite concerts of the last 4 years; Mike Stern played live in Melbourne.  This concert  reminded me of the importance of a band coming together on stage, and performing as a unit. Once the band has accomplished playing as a unit, the musical climax is guaranteed.  Whenever  I form part of this gift, I just get carried away into a trance of beauty.

Sometimes the best musicians are not able to accomplish playing as a unit. They just do not connect on stage, even though they are trying hard to do so. When this occurs, I  feel quite the opposite of what I have expressed  in the previous paragraph and wish to run a away, and hide from the chaos that is created.

We are humans and with imperfections. Maybe we all should just be imperfect at all stages and play with such a goal in mind.

Melbourne Concerts

It is my turn, to share with you all who I am,  alongside my favourite bass player, Ben Robertson, this coming Wednesday, at 8 pm at the Paris Cat Jazz  Club in Melbourne.  This is my Melbourne Concert of the month.

Please join us for a night of hopeful imperfection and of musical guitar climax.

Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School

Our Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School social club has just started. You are welcomed to participate in all ensembles that are created in this club. You are also welcomed to share your creative ideas with other members, and publish them to our social network.

 Libros de Música

You may purchase my text book on arranging and orchestration through the high lighted link. I have written this book in the Spanish language. The title is that of Libros de Música, El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expression Musical. This book was originally commissioned by the Spanish Society of Authors, SGAE. They asked me to  to create a tool box , a classification of musical concepts,  that a musician could objectively apply with the goals of an emotional outcome.

Flamenco Guitars For Sale

Please take a peak at all the Flamenco Guitars I have for sale at my Melbourne Sydney Creative Guitar School Site.

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