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Melbourne 2017 Guitar Concerts. Live Acoustic Music: Flamenco

Post Series: Concerts 2017

Live acoustic music Guitar Concert Angel Mellado Thomas Lorenzo

 My Musical Journey

My Melbourne guitar concerts reflect upon my constant daily musical journey;  where I bring to life my subconscious through music.

I believe that music exists in all of us. All we have to do, is follow the correct pathway to let it spring to life. The acoustic guitar, my new music and the Spanish guitar, are the transducers of my emotion.  My guitar music comes to life only when I have the pleasure of sharing it with you, in person, at my guitar concerts.

I relate to life as a gift,  we all have the privilege of undertaking. This journey we all encounter, is not an easy one. It is full of more downs, than ups.  Music is the only realm, where I coexist with life, in a reasonable balanced manner.

At my Melbourne concerts, I have the privilege of sharing part of my life´s journey with you.  It is a pleasure to encounter so many music lovers, hungry for emotions that my music may stir up .

Live Acoustic Music

When I play the Spanish guitar, or the acoustic guitar, I embark on a journey. Each song is a story. It has  a beginning, an end, excitement, deception, danger, love, hate and more.  When I perform at my live acoustic music concerts, I actually relate to a constant moving image that comes to life through the powerful words of music, that feel like clouds of concentrated emotion; all I need is to tap into them. This does produce great wellbeing, joy and positive emotions.

Emotions and Music Styles

I generally do not categorise my music in a particular style, but by its purpos, a vehicle to share with those,  hungry for emotions, experiences that can make us feel good about life.

This is how I see my new music, my guitar music and all live acoustic music in general.  I am always interested in hearing, seeing human beings that can tap into nature, and share what they encounter with me. I have never been interested in musicians, or music, which is mearly an expression of the artist´s , the guitarist´s, the composer´s, narcissistic beauty, hate, anger or view of life. I tend to feel very good with an artist that is sharing with me an emotion, and not just screaming at me; to feel their own personal relief.

Guitar Styles

I tend to use styles of music, we can relate to,  as the medium of personal expression. At my Melbourne Concerts , I relate to my Spanish background.  I have lived in Spain, as a musician for over 38 years. Thus the imprint of such musical adventure is buried very deeply into my soul.

When you attend my live acoustic music concerts, you will relate to Spanish Music and flamenco guitar. Flamenco is the language I use to mediate between myself and the audience.

Live acoustic music Guitar Concert Ben Robertson Thomas LorenzoI generally share the stage with a good friend and incredible bass player: Ben Robertson. He describes our live music encounter as: freedom of expression and the privilege to interact. What beautiful words !  This is what we do when we play live music: we express freely to interact with each other and with you. What a gift !

Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco taps into deep emotions. It is the most extreme form of musical expression. Musicians can develop harmony and rhythm to the limit of our intelectual capabilities.  The audience can also relate to the concentrated power of emotion, because the flamenco language connects deep inside our pain, love and joy of existence.

When I perform flamenco guitar,  I take control of what I need to share with you. As a consequence I can convey the emotion in a swift musical manner. Ahh, the beauty and power of flamenco and how easy it is for us to relate to the style. There fore we quickly tap into the emotion: nourishment for our daily existence.

My travels through Spain

I have lived in Barcelona,  Spain for a long time, and have my house right outside the city. I also have a family home up in the mountains of Northern Spain, Villablino de Laciana.  When I am there, I just love to walk through valleys , climb high mountains, enter villages, meet the locals and feel how life has not evolved in hundreds of years.

Live acoustic music Guitar Concert Travels through SpainI am happy, that in Spain, social well being is now a general fact. But, when I walk though the Spanish villages, I ponder about all those people, just talking in the main plaza under the sun, the families walking around and looking at each other, the kids running back and forth in the crowd, the locals sitting down in  at tables, chatting and laughing. Most of the time they all love to be together. My family has a favourite pass time. They go to the village plaza, grab a chair and  checkout the clothes, hairstyle, and gossip (in a nice way ) about everyone they see.

Most of my compositions feed on the need of all of us to be together, but at the right distance; Not too close, not too far away.  Sometimes we like to be very close and sometimes,  very far away. We all love to be with other people, doing things we like, or just being together.

My compositions reflect upon my existence, and my need to feel part of our society. And give back to them my idea of a musical game that can brings us all a bit more together, in the most humane manner possible.

Melbourne Live Acoustic Music Guitar Music Reviews

I would like to share with you some of the concert reviews, of guests that have attended my latest Melbourne concerts during this year 2017.

Arda Martin

Great Performance !

Imogen Taylor

Perfectly Charming. I don´t want to go home !

John Barnier

A virtuoso performance of art and joy. Passion unlimited.

Adrian Bellina

Perfect lighting. Nice acoustics in the church setting.

Julie Holder

Beautiful, soulful, earthy, clever , exquisite! Buenos !

Tina Alesi

Was lovely and interesting to learn more about the music.

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Very enjoyable, fun and engaging live acoustic music. Second time here and loved it.

Helen Lender

I love that there is always something different:  a singer , a cellist, poetry. You never disappoint, always good concert.


Always very interesting. I like learning about the living history of music.

David Mac Gregor

Brilliant guitar concert. Brought back memories of nights in Spain, last year walking to Santiago de Compostela. PS: I liked Leon, my blisters healed there.

Christine Spirason

Wonderful guitar concert. Moving live music performance. Skilled committed guitar playing.

Julin Coyne

So very enjoyable. Particularly liked the singing . ( Angel Mellado was my guest as this live acoustic music Melbourne Concert )

David Kelly

Brilliant. The best flamenco guitarist.

Adam Livermooe.

I enjoyed the guitar concert. He can play better than me.

Rob Destradi

Fantastic journey through Spain ! Best Guitarist I have ever seen. Plays from the soul.


Magnificent. I feel like I just spent an hour and a half in the heart of Spain, perhaps in another era. Beyond authentic.

Vanessa Mc Donal.

Really enjoyed listening to the music and hearing about the history behind each song.


Guest Artists

I have engaged in 5 unique concerts this year here in Melbourne. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Ben Robertson on upright bass and Angel Mellado on vocals.

Ben Robertson brings to this live acoustic music, flamenco jazz concert, the freedom of improvisation from the jazz style. Angel Mellado, from Spain,  brings  84 years of living life through music. Angel is an authentic flamenco vocalist that migrated to Australia, from Spain in the late 50s. As most Spaniards, he was looking for a new life and running away from fascism. He brings to the concert some forgotten flamenco styles as: Buleria al golpe.

Flamenco has evolved a lot in Spain,  but Angel maintains old tradition . We therefore have the privilege of sharing popular flamenco forgotten styles, with you,  at all our Melbourne concerts.

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