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Melbourne Jazz Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Jazz Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Jazz Guitar ConcertsJoin us for an evening of unforgettable musical sensations.   A three way conversation between Thomas Lorenzo, Flamenco Guitar, Ben Robertson, Bass and Darryn Farrugia on Drums. You will definitely jump into the musical groove where the flamenco guitar caresses funk and jazz.

 I thoroughly enjoy our visceral, dynamic shifts in tempo, and pulsating jazz grooves.  As a guitarist,  I love to float on top of Darryn’s bouncy ongoing rhythm,  and create constant textures with sound and harmony.

Come and share this evening with us: Melbourne Jazz  Guitar Concerts, Thomas Lorenzo,  June 28. Doors open at 8 pm at the Paris Cat Jazz Club.


Libros de Música

Orchestration is a fundamental tool for all types of composers. My orchestration book, El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical, is one of the few available in the Spanish Language. You may purchase the book through the Amazon site.

The book is served by amazon and  is printed on demand.  Amazon is definitely the cheapest method to purchase this book, libros de música, in North or South America, Asia, Oceania and Europe .

Beautifully crafted classical and flamenco guitars for sale

Hermanos Conde 2007: $4800

This guitar is one of the  masterpieces of my flamenco guitar collection. It represents the famed Conde sound. The Conde  guitar dynasty was founded in Madrid by Domingo Esteso in 1915. Esteso trained his nephews Faustino , Mariano Conde,  and Julio Conde  which continued with the traditions.

This  Flamenco Classical guitar for sale is a must for all professional guitarists who wish to have the authentic sharp attack flamenco sound.

Thomas Lorenzo, Session Guitarist  Hire a Session Guitarist – Studio Quality Guitar Tracks

Get custom flamenco guitar tracks through online collaboration.

Enhance in a melodic manner your songs  and groove. Your vocals , words and message  will definitely stand out more and earn your deserved social merit. Send me an email with  your project and I will share with you my flamenco guitar ideas.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

The Melbourne Creative Guitar School is  organising this terms guitar concerts, which we will celebrate in 4 weeks time. All past guitar students that wish to showcase their guitar compositions,  please contact me as soon as possible.  I need to organise the rehearsal and stage time for the show. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. Thank you all for your marvellous music.












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